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TEXT:  LUKE  1:39-56 specially (1:40-41; note the phrase: the babe leaped in her womb); and JOHN 3:29.   Also read 2 Sam. 6; Isa. 41:1-10; Matthew 7:21; Mark 3:35; John 6:40; n (ca. 1611) 1: the action of realizing: the state of being realized 2: something realized n (1874): fulfillment by oneself of the possibilities of one’s character or personality n (1644).  a: psychological orientation of the self in regard to something (as a person or group) with a resulting feeling of close emotional association b: a largely unconscious process whereby an individual models thoughts, feelings, and actions after those attributed to an object that has been incorporated as a mental image



In the 60s and 70s of last century we witnessed a new movement called the “hippie” movement.  One of the reasons for the emergence of this was the Vietnam War.  Most of the people associated with this were the youth in America and Europe.  They questioned all establishments of the society and religious structures.  They dressed carelessly and wandered raising questions about the meaning of life and existence.  They rebelled against all set and established patterns of social norms.  Actually the socio-politico-religious situation made them do this.  It slowly faded away.  However in varying degree people are asking the same question even today at various points and stages of life, particularly when faced with crises.  Questions like, where do I come from, and where do I go to, what is the meaning and purpose of my life are quite pertinent to human life. 

The Biblical text quoted above will help us study the issue at hand.  Our conference will try to address this question so that life for us will be more meaningful and with quality. 

Mary who confronted an unusual situation, which could turn her life upside down, wanted to share the agony with some one else.  The best person she could find was her cousin Elizabeth who was also in a similar situation.  She went to her and saluted her.  There are two other individuals involved in this; tow yet to be born persons.  They also share the joy of meeting in a crisis situation.  One of them is thrilled with joy and leaps in her mother’s womb.  This joy is not a simple emotional one.  This is because of the recognition of the self.  It occurs in the presence of God who is letting himself incarnate and currently in the womb of her mother.  Self-realization of individual occurs at the face of crisis and in the presence of God.  The presence of God is not abstract but concrete, yet not fully comprehensible. 


This self-realization involves role identification.  A person who is able to realize his/her self can realistically identify his or her role in this world, only then she/he can know what to do in a given situation.  This knowledge will lead to fullness of joy.  John reaches the fullness of Joy (John 2:29) after he has fulfilled his work as the one to introduce Jesus to the world.  We should realize that once it is done he is to be killed by Herod.  But John is not worried that his life is going to end pretty soon.  He is happy and thrilled at the fact that he did identify has fulfilled in mission in this world effectively and with utmost dedication.  The prayer of penitence that accompanies any Promion in our worship includes a sentence at the end, which says, “grant us a Christian end”.  This Christian end is the one after the fulfillment of his/her mission in this world.  For that identification of the role is important.  Today we have a lot of right people in the wrong place and that caused problem in the society, the Church and politics. 


While the identification of the self is in close company of others, it also makes its impact on others.  When John in the womb of Elizabeth leaps, she recognizes it and was filled with spirit and pronounces a prophetic word about Mary.  Mary in return talks about her and about others, and this chain continues.  Many times when we live our lives we are living just our lives.  This is not true.  In every aspect and moment of our lives we are making an impact on others.  Hence spirituality is not individual centered but human centered or in a wider perspective creation centered.  Our life and work in this world will become meaningful and productive only in relation to others.


This realization and identification will take away the element of fear in our lives.  After having shared their problems and worries Mary goes back to her place ready to face life with determination.  She is not worried any more.  Fear of tomorrow is the worst thing that can happen to us in this world.  It will make us do all sorts of bad things.  Fear primarily comes out of a realization that God is not with.  God incarnate (Emmanuel – God with us) tries to tell us that he is with us and we do not have to be afraid of life and others.  Thus we will be empowered to face life with courage and do what is right for us to do.  This is the fullness of joy in our lives. 


We realize that we are the creatures of God in his presence and we need to do his will.  We should explore ways and means to feel the presence of God in our midst so that we will realize our self and will be able to identify what to do when and life will be happy and prosperous. 




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  1. ABEY
    Jul 27, 2005 @ 15:42:22

    Who realizes themselves and who identifies others / our brothers? If we have identified ourselves we never think about self. We never fight with our brothers and will not keep on holding his shares with us (Illegally / Immorally). As Teacher taught us to’ give your blanket to those who take away your shirt’ as he realized that; who ever needs your shirt would have a necessity of blanket too. If we realizes ourselves we can find that we are nothing but just the transformation of matter which is already existing; it is transforming from one to other as in a Television: the combination of waves, electricity, electronic devices, optical items combines in certain proportions it will become Ghandi, Manmohan, George W. Bush, Tony Blair, Sharook Khan, Mohan Lal, Roman Pope or Canterbury Arch Bishop. All are illusions nothing exist there, one appears when one disappears, a certain combination can make certain People / Goods. Do anybody believes Pope is in TV? do he really exist there can U touch him? all are Illusions we are just look at it. when any of the above said items will not work properly or fails all will loose. SAME IS HAPPENING IN THE CASE OF THE UNIVERSE . There is a concept in Hindu Puranas about GOD as" VIRAD PURUSHA" says God is consisted of the whole Universe, that means we are all the parts of it. So if we consider our body as The God in seconds of time thousands of Cells are dying and thousands are generating we are not even knowing it; likewise thousands of people are dying in the world does not touch God or the Universe the matter is transforming every time. We may think we are existing for years are considerable time actually it is nothing as we calculate the origin of Universe; its just like a fraction of a second. Better we do not think we are here, we are there, we are this , we are that. Lord Krishna taught Arjuna, Rama taught Lakshmana to be out of the Feeling "I" / self. Those who do not consider himself works in harmony with the rhythm of Universe can only attain "Moksha"; that is what Teacher taught us "Those who denounce his life (himself) will gain it ". Better stop here; I am going wild. So conclusion is this; if one can say he identified himself if he finds he has no identity other than the Universe; otherwise his identity is mingled with his fellow beings nothing separate.Sorry for any remarks which hurt anybody’s feelings. Again, please accept my heart felt apology if my words hurt anybody.


  2. Arul
    Dec 17, 2007 @ 10:53:17


  3. elizabethjoy237
    Jul 15, 2013 @ 21:23:32

    Dear Thirumeni
    Hearty Congratulations! Wishing your a very HAPPY 8th Anniversary today… We are very grateful for your Mission & Vision, Friendship & Fellowship, Caring & Sharing, Enlightening & Empowering through your SPACE MISSION!!!! We deeply appreciate the time and hard efforts that you take to make this SPACE very meaningful for many of us. We celebrate this Day and THANK YOU for all that you are to us. May God grant you the health and strength to continue this in future too… for many many more years…
    Love and Prayers


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