Easter Message


Mor Meletius Yuhanon


The women who went early in the morning to pay homage to the dead and buried Jesus at the tomb were worried about who would remove the heavy stone that covered the face of the tomb for them. They found with surprise that the stone was already been removed.  But it was not for them to pay homage to the dead one, rather was for the resurrected one to come out of the tomb. 


Humans have to face obstacles and hurdles on a daily basis in this world. It is our hope and prayer that they be removed from our lives. We wonder who would help us do that.  But the relevant question is why should they be removed?  Just as the ladies who went to the tomb, we too have misunderstanding about the purpose. The ladies accepted the existing fact that Jesus was killed by the Jews and the only thing they could do further is just pay their respect to the buried one.  This is not a healthy attitude.  We are not to respect the existing unfavorable and unjust situation, rather should look for better possibilities. 


We should understand that some thing better is always in the waiting.  In the Nicene Creed we confess and say, “We look forward for the new life in the world to come”.  This world is not only the world after death, rather it is the world that emerge out of the old one every moment in our lives. We need to be ready to welcome it as and when it will be given to us. This is the true spirit of Christian life of resurrection.  But many people do not look for some thing better, on the contrary become content with what peripheral and little given to them.  What we need to have is our self respect, identity of personality, independence and hope for a better future assured.  And it is for that purpose the hurdles are to be removed.  It is to prepare the way for resurrection that we should remove the stone.  God is willing to remove the obstacle that block the liberation of our self as he did at the tomb.  But the question is whether we are ready to accept that God is doing it for our outliving and not for submission to death and slavery to sin.


Those ladies who did not have this hope thought that the stone was removed to smuggle out the Jesus’ body (John 20:1, 2).  The Jewish leaders published the same since it suited their purpose.  Thus the propagation of an essential truth was put to doubt by lack of readiness on the part of the followers of Jesus. How about us, what is our attitude?  This is the question posed by the Festival of Easter. We need to hope for the reestablishment of the essential good by God himself which is beyond the power and ability of humans.  This is the message of the Feast of Easter.



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  1. Sony Alexander
    May 06, 2007 @ 22:48:18

    Every Easter, when the good news of the resurrection is announced during our liturgical service, I always wonder at one question – Why did Jesus appear to these women ?  Why not to the disciples, or especially to St. Peter.  Why did Jesus seemingly appear to a common group of simple followers, to announce the greatest news in all of humanity ? When I ponder upon this every year, it reaffirms my belief in our church once again.  Our Malankara Orthodox Sabha as well as our individual parishes are filled with those who want to lead but not serve.  Serving God is sacrifice; leading to fulfill one’s pride is not.  Thirumeni – you are coming to our American Diocese in 2007; you will see how many people are leaders and how few are really servants of our beloved Church.  May God continue to shower the blessings upon this church.  May the prayers, liturgy and worship expounded by our church fathers, through the wisdon granted to them through the Holy Spirit persevere forever and never be diluted. 
    We wish you a happy and safe journey.
    S. Alexander
    St. Gregorios Malankara Orthodox Church
    Dallas, Texas  U.S.A


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