Christmas Message 2008

brings us good tidings of God’s presence in our midst.  The angels said to the shepherds, “Be not
afraid,  … to you is born … Messiah”
(Luke 2:10). This is
probably the most important message we wish to receive today. Fear has
conquered us due to the emerging situation in the world and in every country.
Economic situation is going bad to worse; people are losing their jobs; price
of essential things for life is sky rocketing; unrest is getting widespread;
terrorist attacks on innocent lives and commercial and civilian establishments
have become frequent than ever before. People lose control of themselves
because of all these. It is in this terrible situation once again message of
Christmas is brought to us.


we are confronting one of the darkest times in our history. But can we continue
to lament about it or rather try to do something about it? Of course we need to
act on it. If we look in to the Book of Genesis Ch. 3 verse 10 we would see
that Adam invented the word ‘fear’ to express his grave condition of
estrangement from the presence of God caused by his lack of respect of the
identity of a fellow creation. Jesus’ birth brings the good news of God working
in history to put an end to this estrangement. But the question is, how do we
actualize this in our lives? This can be done by the total submission of us to
the will of God. St. Mary said, “Behold, I am a maid of the Lord; let your word
be fulfilled in me” (Luke 1:34). We need to ask for ourselves, what is God’s
will regarding me and us?


question can be answered if we continue to read the passage in Luke’s Gospel
referred earlier. The angels said, “For behold, I bring you good news of a
great joy which will come to all the people”. The birth of Jesus is a matter of
joy to all. We live in a world where people have become so much self centered
and selfish. They work real hard to make their lives better and prosperous. But
they do it mindless of other’s welfare. They fail to understand that no one can
make life better without the help of others. Whatever one may do will certainly
affect others. Salvation or ‘joy’ cannot be individualistic; rather they are
corporate in nature. Of course individuals in community are taken care of, but
not at the expense of another individual’s life. Christmas proclaims, “Joy to
the World”. So if we want to be happy and joyful and experience Messiah born
for us, let us listen to the words of the angels and internalize it for
ourselves. Let us work for the joy of the world and assure our joy through
that. This will take away fear from our lives and will ensure God’s presence in
our midst. Jesus was called ‘Immanuel’, ‘God with us’ and not God with me
(only).  Let us ‘take care of each other’
that we ourselves may be taken care of and enjoy the fruit of God’s
incarnation. I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


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