Church and Politics

Re: Church and Politics

(posted in ICON Message No. 22928 of March 31, 2009)

Dear every one

Probably this is going to flare up the controversy further and also as usual I
will be misunderstood by many of my friends, I am afraid. But I could not but
express my mind on the matter.

I have seen numerous postings in ICON with respect to the announcement of the
advisory committee of H.H. Bava Thirumeni to field candidates in the forthcoming
parliament election. Several of them were disapproving and some approving. I was
not in any way connected with this episode. Initially I too shared the
sentiments of those who disapproved. Then I talked to our Priest trustee and
later with H.B. the Catholicos designate H.G. Milithios Thirumeni and few other
metropolitans. I also watched the events closely. Now I think it turned out to
be a fair political move.

Over the years, the representation of our Church members in political life of
our country minimized considerably. We should ask why? It was not because we do
not have young people who wish to serve the nation and the people through
politics. Look at the considerably smaller communities like CSI, Marthoma or
Jacobite. They have more representation than we do. They have representation
even in BJP (of course I do not endorse that). To me this was due to the
purposeful manipulative work of some of the leaders of our Church who are
already in the top in politics. They do not want anyone else come up. They also
have media support for their cause. I have been in close contact with people
like Mr. A. K. Antony, Mr. Vayalar Ravi, Mr. Thiruvanchoor Radhakrishnan, Mr.
R. Balakrishna Pillai and Mr. K. M. Mani during the past several years (I have
only fewer friends in the left parties though I was always labeled as pro left-
no complaint, to be fair call me socialist). I have only good words about these
leaders. They were always ready to listen to my case and do what was just and

But there was a member of our Church in the top of political world who always
pretended to be listening, but did the opposite. I have been complaining about
this all along. But people accused me of having too much political involvement.
Now look at the events, who all came to Devalokam Aramana and who did not. Who
spoke against those who came to Aramana. Why do they do that? As I said, I
talked to the people who were involved in the matter in our Church. All of them
say the same thing. They are totally unhappy about the way this top leader from
our Church dealt with the matters related our Church.

So the resolution now before the Church leaders is that (again I have no role in
that), we will encourage young people to come up in all levels of political
activity like panchayat level, district level, state level and national level,
irrespective of their alliance to any particular political party. If this gets
worked out, we will have representatives in all forums and arenas. Then we will
not be at the mercy of any one individual or any single political party. The
positive outcome of this not so welcomed political move is this, I guess. So let
us understand the good intentions of those who were in that move.

Tail piece: I do not think that we should enter politics directly or start a
party of our own (though we can not escape from the political world). Encourage
every member of our Church to be politically conscious and actively involved in
life of the community. If some one is willing to serve the country through
political parties, encourage them irrespective of the political party they work

Yuhanon Mor Meletius Metropolitan, Thrissur


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  1. Abraham
    Oct 03, 2009 @ 07:11:28

    Thirumani, These are very valuable notes from you and we should have a proper campaign for the same. It should be discussed all around church specially in Youth movement and MGOCSM. One thing I disagree with you is that you indirectly not accept our people to work with BJP. If we compare BJP with all other parties BJP is not worse than other parties. 5 years their rule in our country was not bad at all. Also remember that they proposed of our member Dr. P C Alexander as Presidential candidate.


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