My Thoughts

These are some of my personal thoughts. I will keep adding to this
1. Sri Budha said: "Do not believe what others want you to believe". I would say do not do what others want you to do. Do only if you want to. Let them do what they want to do. But then Love will come in to the picture. You do things for others not because they want you to do, but because you love them and you want to do it for them. When you do what others want you to do and you do not want, it is not done, it is made to do. There will not be any joy in doing it and no one is going to benefit of it. So do what you love to do.

2. Erase the word obedience from the vocabulary. You do not obey any one. Rather you participate with others in making this world a better place. Obedience comes from force, compulsion, demand, fear and slavery. That will not carry any quality. But when you participate with others you will put all your mind, effort and dedication in to it and every one will be happy. Children do not obey your parents, rather participate with them in making the family a happy and peaceful one. Parents do not make your children obey, they will hate that and will abandon it when then grow up; rather participate them in your struggle to make the family a truly blessed one.

3. Do not fear any thing or any one, Love all.
I have seen in matrimonial columns "God-fearing groom/bride wanted" posting. Jesus asked His disciples and to every one to love God (Matt. 22:37). He called his disciples to consider Him as friend (John 15:15) . Friends do not fear each other, only love. Fear came to this world with the fartherness of human from God (Gen. 3:10). But when Jesus’ birth was announced to Mary the angels said "do not be afraid" (Luke 1:30. The angel addressed Joseph too the same way (Matt. 1:20) because God decided to be with His creation not in a fearsome manner, rather in companionship.  Fear has nothing to do with love. Fear distances people, love binds them. Jesus said "Let them be one even as we are one" (John 17:22) So fear no one, love every one. Let love binds us.
Parents! do not culture fear of you in children, culture love in them. Children do not fear patents, love them.

4. Believe in God. But your faith should not make you a slave to God to tell you that God is going to do every thing for you. Believe me, He is not. Believe that the power in you is given by God and you can use it only in relation to God. Electric power will not do things for you. The machines that you make to do things for you will have to do the work. But it has to be connected to the power source for it to work. Jesus wanted us to be co-workers. He said "I do not call you servants any more, I rather call you friends" (John 15:15). Even in creation God, by bringing the animals He created before human to be names, this attitude of God to make human His companion and co-worker is seen. There are several other examples to that in the Bible both in New Testament and Old Testament.

5. There are leaders and leadership. To have leaders in a community has nothing to do with having a leadership. Leaders can happen by election, selection, nomination, appointment, coup, and many other means some legitimate and some not so legitimate. But to have leadership in a community has nothing to do with having leaders. To have leadership is evidenced in the functioning of the community. Having leaders can some times help to have leadership and some times can be a hindrance too.

6. Why I am … ?

There are people who say ‘I should follow the path of the
predecessors’. My question is, then why do I need my own legs?

There are people who say ‘I should echo the opinions of my
predecessors’. My question is, then why should I have my own mouth?

There are people who say ‘I should think as my predecessors did’. My question is then why should I have a brain of my own?

My final question is, if that was
the case why did God sent me to this world? God could have just extended their
lives to live through my life time too.

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