Comment and Reply on Desabhimani Interview

Comment and reply on Desabhimani Interview.

beloved thirumeni, 

read that news cutting.

let me ask few questions,

can u assure that all of the ldf
candidates are better than those of udf?

are they free from curreption?

according to that news the catholic
edaya leganam was with political aims. 

in the same way, i think, ur
interview had poliitical aims.

beloved father, 

i’m highly devoted to you. ur
teachings inspired me a lot. 

but cudn’t digest this, even when
i’ve no special interest to either of these parties..

hope u’d forgive if this comment
causes u dissatisfaction.

with all respect and devotion, ur spiritual son.


Dear ….
Thank you for your comment.
I do not think any political party of person is better than the other. I only
said left side is better. It does not mean that LDF represents left side. You
may remember during the time of Nehru and Indira Gandhi when new budget was
presented the next day news paper used to carry news "More towards
left". A socialist attitude is the only answer to India’s problems. Both
Nehru and Indira Gandhi used to follow this. Leaders after them shifted to
right wing American style. Even when we see the troubles in the west who follow
right wing policy, still we follow that. Of course, Desabhimani has printed this
with a political interest. I can not help it. If other right wing parties come
and ask me I will say we need to go back to the time of Nehru and Indira
Gandhi. I expressed this during a personal chat with Mr. A. K. Antony our
Defense minister whom I respect and honor last year. I have great appreciation
for the first two leaders of our country. But that is not what we follow. The
only way we can chose is the way of Gandhi, go back to our own resources and
produce as much as we can for our need and buy from outside only those what we
do not make. All parties and all politicians except few have fallen away from
the common good policy.
Regards and prayers


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