Qurstion and Reply

Question and Answer

Dear Thirumeni,

Hope you are keeping fine by the grace of God. As always, can you please clear my doubt.

During our Holy Qurbana,the priest prays for the salvation of the whole creation (sarva srishtiyudeyum mochanam). What is meant here – Is it the whole of the mankind OR the entire nature – including men, animals and plants.

In this connection another question – do the animals and plants have souls ?

Regards …?

Dear … ?
Hope you and your dear ones are doing fine by the grace of God.
I am sorry I could not reply sooner. I had to attend to too many things during the past two weeks.
Any way to answer your question, we may have to deal with the issue of salvation. What is salvation? There are people who talk about salvation as some thing to do with after death experience. Again there are people who talk about salvation of the soul as if there are several unrelated faculties in God’s creation. Further there are people who talk about salvation as some thing applicable only to human. These interpretations do not do justice to the issue.
Salvation is setting things in the right place. Look at the creation story and read further the story of fall of human. Before the fall of human there was perfect relationship between God and human, human and human and human and nature. See the phrases used in that part of the Bible. Every thing in creation was related. But because of what human did, human went away from God, one human was against another, nature was against human. Relationships in all levels broke.

Thing created by God is primarily related to God and then to one another including human. This relationship keeps every thing in a saved mutually caring, loving and peaceful situation which is salvation. Once this relationship is broken, unjust dealing, rivalry, hatred, lack of mutual respect and understanding, love and salvation becomes impossible for all element in creation.
God’s  work in Jesus Christ was to reestablish this broken relationship. So salvation is to be understood as getting back to the original kind of relationship. Here the whole creation is to be involved.
Look at our situation now. Humans do not look for the will of God, humans are fighting between for no serious reason, nature is showing its fury on us. This causes suffering and death. This has to be changed. A change in nature can challenge our life. A tree can cause pain to our life, a fruit can put an end to our life. Look at the change of weather patterns now. It does not respect our dreams and wishes. We do not respect the dreams and wishes of God. Every thing in this broken world trying to make life safe and peaceful. But it can happen when the broken relationship is set right.  This is salvation. Read for clarification the dream of prophet Isaiah recorded in Ch. 11. No one in the world of Isaiah harm another. Every one including even the most wild beast live in perfect harmony with nature and in peace with the other.
Way back in history, even before these western theologians and philosophers ever thought about ecology and sustenance of this earth and its resources, before any organization started it mission to save endangered species, before any one who started programmes to speak against global warming, our Church father thought of them and made those concerns expressed in our liturgy. That is the richness of our liturgy. It is a pity that we do not understand and teach them.
Humans can not be saved if weather patterns are not favorable which will affect his agricultural crop and other livelihood activities. This is why ” sarva srishtiyudeyum mochanam” is voiced in our liturgy.
Regards and prayers

Dear Thirumeni,
It is truly amazing, the richness of our liturgy.
Thanks a lot for your valuable time.
Regards, ?

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