Question on second coming of Jesus


Respected Thirumeni,

As far as the second coming of Christ is concerned, we believe that the coming is from East.  We have Mathew 24:27 to support this apart from the Book of Ezekiel, which describes the GOPURAM facing East and the light entering into this from East. At the same time, Psalm 75:6 and Ezekiel 1:4 hints at the speciality of North. A book let published by RBC Ministries, based on these, hints at the importance of North, but they are not arguing that Christ is definitely coming from North. However, this can create some confusion. The booklet provides some valuable information based the Book of Revelation.

Perhaps, Your Grace can throw some light on this “North” aspect.

Your spiritual son, ….


Dear ….
Thank you for the mail. East, west, north, south are all physical directions guided by the position of the sun and the magnetic field of the earth. These are subjective matters. Any thing that is beyond earth will have no relation to these directions. Matt. 24:27 is simply relating the style of the coming of Jesus. It will be a flash like thing. If you go to North Pole or South Pole how do you decide for sure which is east and west based on the position of the sun? This is a sort of symbolism created by people who live in equator region. For them east, west, south, north are clear directions. These ideas were formed when the people thought of earth having flat surface. Ezekiel 8:16 which talks about the sun worship has nothing to do with second coming of Jesus. The words of the prophet come as criticism from God against the practices of Israel in the temple. Psalm 75:6 talks about the lack of importance of any direction. What is so special to north? The book of Ezekiel comes from the sixth C. B.C. He is addressing the people in Exile in Babylon. The name of the prophet itself symbolizes the message which is ‘God strengthens’ or ‘may God strengthen’. It talks about the imminent defeat of Babylon by Persians and consequent experience of God’s strengthening of Israel to go back to Jerusalem. This has nothing to do with the second coming of Christ. The talk about the direction of the second coming Christ is purely cultural. Just think of Christ as the son of God who controls the whole world which is beyond the limits of this small earth. How can he be controlled by the earthly locations? There are people who believe that everything the traditional Churches practice is absurd and want to give alternate suggestions. They will keep on writing books on such themes.
Regards and prayers


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