Influence of the West!

Dear Thirumeni,

I am attaching herewith a Malayala Manorama paper cutting regarding a Mohiniyattam performance in our Church at Vayalathala (Pathanamthitta Dist) on the occasion of the church Perunal. I hope you may like this interesting art performance.

with regards. … (?)

Dear … (?)
Thank you for the mail. I think with the emergence of western form of Christianity and particularly that of Marthoma Church we lost two important elements of spirituality. One, natural sentiment regarding the beloved departed. It is quite natural that we hope our departed may live in peace and with God. The only place we can present that hope is before God. It is not a question whether it will benefit the departed or not since it is our sincere wish and our prayer. It is for God to say yes or no. Even while we are not sure of God’s response our love towards that person would compel us to hope and pray they are at peace. Western spirituality told us you can not do that any more (of course we did not follow that. But I must also admit that occasionally we over do it too. But that is no reason to abolish it totally).

The second one is considering cultural elements of the community Un-Christian and perhaps as satanic and to take them away from our religious life. Earlier we had all kinds of art forms in our Churches to glorify God and to instruct the faithful. The western people insisted that only English tunes and musical instruments can be used in worship. The porch of our Church buildings were called ‘nadaka sala’ as Bible stories were enacted regularly there as part of the worship to educate people through art forms. I am glad there is an attempt to bring some of the lost ones back.

Regards and prayers


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