Question on Women’s Franchise

There has been a question when the women’s franchise proposal will be implemented in Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church. The answer is:

The women’s franchise proposal has to go through two stages to get it implemented. First the Rules Committee has to make necessary constitutional amendments and then the Managing Committee has to approve it. I was asked by Holy Synod to draft the proposed constitutional amendments and I have just done that and have sent it to the legal expert for comments and for his advice. After receiving a go ahead signal from the legal expert, I shall submit it to H.H. Bava Thirumeni. H.H. will pass it on to the Rules Committee. If they are convinced they will do it in the next meeting. In principle the matter is decided, but the formalities have to be completed. I hope the whole thing will be over in three to six months time. This may not be implemented in the Annual General Body of parishes, 2011. But for the half yearly GB of 2011-12 this probably will be in effect. Of course the amendment has to be accepted by the Malankara Association. But according to the constitution, to implement it we do not have to wait till then. Once the Managing Committee accepts it, it will be in effect until the next Association.  The Association has to adopt the amendment for the process to become complete.
So be patient and hopeful. God will do it ‘in the fullness of time’.


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