A Proud Child of the Church

Tariq Thomas from Puthuppally was selected with 35th rank to Indian Adminstrative Service. He is already a medical graduate. I congratulate him in his achievement. My felicitation mail.

Dear Tariq
Hope you and every one home are doing fine by the grace of God. I saw the news about your commendable achievement in MTV. I congratulate you and place you under the continued guidance of God that you may truly become a servant of God while in the administrative service of our country. Lot of things are getting changed in our great nation which got independence because of the vicarious suffering of the father of the nation, Mahatma, and many others. Now I am afraid this independence is being compromised in the name of postmodern economic liberalization. This affects the common people very bad. Many a time the bureaucratic community in our country is trying to make a fortune for themselves using this environment. I hope and pray you will work with a sense of love and caring that people can look up to you with hope for their better and peaceful life.

I send my greetings to your parents too who prepared you for this achievement.

Metropolitan Yuhanon Mor Meletius, Thrissur diocese.

Respected Metropolitan Yuhanon Mor Meletius

I humbly thank you for your felicitation and blessings on my success in the civil services examination. This has been possible due to the grace of the almighty God .His Holiness I am conscious of the advice that you have given me and it shall be my sincere endeavour to follow these .I request you to remember me in your prayers to strengthen me in discharging my duties in a proper and upright manner.

Thanking you.

Yous Sincerely

Tariq Thomas


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