An Old Man Dreams

The Catholicos of Jacobite Syrian Christian Association Church (Puthencruz, established in 2002) has claimed that several Churches and institutions of Malankara Orthodox Church belong to his Church and he will forcefully take over them if needed. Those institutions include the headquarters of my diocese at Mannuthy, Thrissur. I do not know whether it is because he does not know English and could not read any of the orders of the Hon. courts of India including that of the Hon. Supreme court of India or those who read and explained to him, did not do their job well, he is making this claim. There are other possibilities too. He may be day dreaming, or he is too old and is under amnesia.

The Hon. Supreme court of India ruled in 1995 that all Churches and institutions in Malankara Church has to be governed by 1934 constitution. He himself and his leader H.H. the patriarch of Antioch  accepted the order. Even more, he accepted and declared that he is bound by 1934 constitution. Then he formed a new Church in 2002 with a different constitution. Now he claims that many of those Churches that were declared by the Hon. court as to be governed by 1934 constitution belong to his new church and are to be governed by the 2002 constitution and not by 1934 constitution. Nevertheless, once in a while, according to circumstance, he also says that they are to be governed by the ‘so called’ Udampadi (-agreement – like in the case of Kolenchery Church) that long lost its validity according to the verdicts of the court. As for my residence cum Thrissur diocese headquarters, at Mannuthy, it is under the protection of Hon. High Court of Kerala through an order dtd. Oct. 23, 2001 on a petition No. OS 15902/1999 (R). This order is given against this catholicos, his priests and associates. The state of Kerala represented by the chief secretary, the Superintendent of Police, Thrissur, Dy. SP, Thrissur and Circle Inspector of Police, Ollur, Thrissur, are bound by the court order to protect me and my residence. More over, through an order in another case, he is restrained by the Hon. High court of Kerala from entering and functioning as a clergyman in any of the Churches and institutions of Angamali, Kochi and Kandanadu dioceses (Thrissur diocese is included in Kochi diocese).

First of all he lost all benefits of the status quo ante by virtue of accepting the 1934 constitution binding on these Churches and institutions because of his act of not accepting the decisions of the 2002 Malankara Association held under the observation of the commission of the Hon. Supreme court, the decisions of which was accepted by the Hon. Supreme court. Again he is disobeying several other court orders and violating them through his continued illegal and unethical activities. Some time back the media reported an order of the Hon. court that his role in the brutal killing of Mr. T. M. Varghese, Perumbavoor is to be investigated. A person who is violating continuously court orders and rulings is still at large. Now he says, according to media report (given below), a particular party and political front supported him in the past. What a joke!! (Poor UDF politicians who tried to win the favour of Jacobite Association people through arresting the priest and faithful who came for legally permitted and valid duties at the Church at Kolenchery!!! )

See this report: (note specially marked area)

Creation Day

September 10th was Creation Day (For those in North America confusion regarding the date regretted).

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Read Between Lines

Read this news report and try to relate it with what is happening at Kolenchery. Take special note of the comment: “Eruthiyil Enna Ozhikkum pole Ayirikkum”. Think about what should be this present Erithee?

Protest Against Me … ?

You want to take it on me ….. ?

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