On Thomas I’s Letter

The Priest Trusty of Orthodox Church has asked the Kerala government to probe in the matter revealed in to the letter Jacobite Catholicos Thomas I sent to his bishops that was widely reported in the media.


Testing Children’s Knowledge

I attended the honoring ceremony organized by Desabhimani daily’s Aksharamuttam (courtyard of letters) that conducted Quiz for school children in Thrissur. The news:


Thomas I on the News! Sorry, for the Wrong Reason

The news channels are convinced that the report about Thomas I sending letter to his bishops asking them to some how influence the members of the cabinet committee on Kolenchery Church issue. Even their own media, Mangalam has reported this. Earlier one of their bishops while participating in a phone in discussion with one one the TV channels, in which I also participated,  told that he contacted the CM on this matter and he does not know whether CM acted on it. Watch first the report of the bishop who contacted CM and then the TV channels who aired the document.

Now the TV news about the letter


Congratulations Ladies of Orthodox Church

The Managing Committee of the Malankara Orthodox Church that met today (Oct. 19, 2011) has unanimously accepted the constitution revision proposals of the Rule Committee that women of the parish should be given equal right in the parish assembly.  This is the first time women are getting full membership in parish assembly in any of the ancient churches in India. Congratulations! Of course this is only the first step and we have to go two more steps for full participation right. But this is the right step forward and in five years’ time we will have the other two steps too. We have broken the twenty centuries old tradition. This is a revolutionary thing to happen in our Church. Let us thank God. I am giving below the text of the report given by me as the Commission appointed by the Holy Episcopal Synod to study the matter and place proposal. Of course the Synod, the Rule Committee and the Managing Committee made several changes. But this was the basis. I am indebted to the Holy Synod for giving me the opportunity to do some thing like this first in the history of our Church.

Technically this has become the law of the Church. Practically it will become effective when H.H. The Bava Thirumeni issue a Kalpana to this effect, which I am sure will happen in few days time. according to our constitution this amendment can be reversed only by the Association which is a less than one percent possibility.

The report is in ‘god’s own country’ language. Sorry about that (there are 11 pages You can go to https://yuhanonmilitos.wordpress.com/2011/07/17/article-in-souvenir-of-ne-america-diocese/ for an abridged version of the report in English).

This is how Thomas I does things for himself

Exclusive Document!!! Thanks for waiting. It is available now.

Poor Keralites

Here is a mail from some one:

dear thirumeni

i am (?) the last date given by the govt on kolenchery has expired.We should not put our decisions back.we should get what we asked.but last day when i was just looking in the site http://www.niyamasabha.org in the un-stared questions http://www.niyamasabha.org/codes/13kla/session_2/qstns/html/03.10.2011-CM-u.htm question number 1477 asked by suresh kurup,babu palasewrry,selvaraj, raju abraham, that question was regarding this case. answer for the question was given by cm.in it answer for question b he says that  orthodox church has not given an execution petition in court so that from the govt side they can do only lesser things…. why cant we file such a execution petition so that the court order can be executed…

i am attaching the pdf file i got from the site .if thirumeni has come across this early then its ok.

we should not lose this time so close all the loop holes and go forward we all will be their with our support and prayer for our church

thanking you (?)


My reply:

Dear (?)
Thank you for the mail and the document. Yes I noticed the matter, but I have not had the document with me.
This clearly shows either lack of knowledge of legal system on the part of the chief minister of Kerala, which is a shame for the whole state. Or he is playing a game (which I consider most probable one). Because, there are orders that are to be executed through a process and there are orders which do not need that. This case is one which does not have to be executed through a legal process. This is because the church was already in the custody and governance of the Orthodox Church, and it was the patriarch faction that filed a petition for election according to 1913 udambadi and to hand over the Church to the elected. The court rejected this application and the Church remains to be governed by the Orthodox Church. If the court had ordered otherwise, they would have needed a legal procedure for execution. Poor Keralites whose cm does not know even the basics of legal system of India.

Regards and prayers


Latest on Kolenchery Church Issue

As anticipated the third round of talk on Kolenchery Church issue mediated by the cabinet sub committee failed.

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