Why This … … … di?

It seems there is a photo exhibition in Thiruvanandapuram in connection with the state meet of C.P.I.M. Every one is upset about it. I wonder why?


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  1. elizabethjoy237
    Feb 06, 2012 @ 14:42:58

    Dear Thirumeni

    Appreciate and Adore your sense of humour and pray that you will never loose it even if you lose your temper…. often!!!! Superb response – Short, Sharp and succinct!!!! Hope and pray that the message will get across very SUCESSFULLY too promoting peace, love and harmony so that we become better witnesses for Christ and HIS Church .

    Love and Prayers



  2. nithin
    Feb 08, 2012 @ 09:20:16

    dear thirumeni,

    If the communist party was accepting christ in its full meaning we could accept it.but they are seeing only his human part. they are not accepting his divine part.Thats the fault of considering christ as only a social reformer.Abd also another fault made by cpi(m) is the exhibited that photo in under the segment jesus to chegvare… and they pointed it as those who died for that purpose.. in that photo segments even saddams pic was their….how can we accept it


    • Yuhanon Meletius
      Feb 19, 2012 @ 10:18:45

      Yes Nithin you are right, we can not accept Jesus the way they accept or deny. But who are we do say they have no right to do that? Or the whole world has a right on him and which every way they want to make use of him? I have seen trucks and small utility vehicles that bring illicit liquor from Karnataka that has the name “Jesus” or St. Mary or St. Thomas. Why are we not raising our voice against them? Many of them as a master of fact are Christians who bring these illicit liquor and many of them sell it also. Why are we silent on them? I know atleast one Christian political leader from Kerala living in Karnataka who sell this illicit liquor to people in Kerala. Why are we not saying any thing against them? Jesus once said, “physician treat yourself first”. On another occasion he told, ‘how can you take a mote in the eye of your brother when there is a beam in your eye?


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