My Days in Baroda

I was in Baroda (Vadodara, Gujrat) last week end, The programmes include Vanitha Samajam One Day Meet, MGOCSM Evening Meet, Divya Bodhanam Meet, A Wedding and Holy Qurbana

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Manorama’s Media Ethics Contd.

H.H. Baselius Marthoma Paulose II Catholicos of the East is in Abu Dhabi and, among several things he did, also addressed a press conference. He was naturally very much disappointed about the way the governments responded to the just cause of the Malankara Church. He expressed his opinion before the press. Most of the media persons reported faithfully his words. But Manorama heard only what he said about the world affairs.

I complained about my experience with Manorama in the previous post. But now I know thay will not honor even the Chief priest of the Church. Luke 23: 31 For if they do these things in a green tree, what shall be done in the dry?

See what two news papers heard H.H. saying:

Now see what Manorama heard from H.H.

Manorama’s Media Ethics

Malayala Manorama daily is world renowned and has won several media awards.

But when it comes to the issues related to Malankara Church and specially something related to me, they forget all about media ethics. Recently when they published the news about Pathanamthitta Association they gave the picture of the podium with H.H. and all the bishops and office bears. They could not avoid me because I was sitting not very far from H.H. and there were other bishops they did not want to avoid. So they waited for me to take a piece of paper and fan myself so that my face will be covered. I am sure a media photographer would take several photos of an event. They found this one the best to suit their agenda. They also avoided some one from among the office bears. That is another story.

This posting is about the news about perunnal in two Churches in Thrissur area. One is Elanadu St. Mary’s Orthodox Church which is  in my jurisdiction. It has about two hundred plus families and it is a Church united from two factions of the Church putting an end to the litigation and factional fight. Details of this was posted earlier in this blog ( The other Church is Kakkinikkadu St. George Church, which has about fifty members and is under the Jacobite custody. Several years back the present Thomas I came there on a Sunday morning from no where and threw the vicar who was appointed by me and was serving for more than two years from the altar, threw away the bread and wine prepared by the vicar with the help of his gang men, then locked up the main altar susrushakan and took over the Church. People protested it purchased a land near by and established a chapel for them to worship under my jurisdiction. This Church, for Manorama is more important than Elanadu Church which was united and is in a peaceful atmosphere. You may try to find out differences in the news about names and other details.We had provided all details about the event to the press. They edited it and made it look as if it is a tiny community in Elanadu.

First Woman Trustee

The credit of electing the first ever woman trustee of a parish in the Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church goes to St. Mary’s Orthodox Syrian Church, Mannuthy. This Church is attached to Thrissur Diocesan headquarters which is my residence and I am happy that I initiated woman’s voting right process.

The new trustee of the parish is Mrs.  Mariam Daniel Kombalath, wife of Mr. Daniel K. Thomas. She, a graduate in history from Calicut University, has been an active member of the Marthamariyam Vanitha Samajam for several years. She has served as the auditor of Kainoor St. George Church  where she was a member earlier. She has two children Shiny Daniel and Shiju Daniel.

What I Said on Piravom Issue

Piravom St. Mary’s Orthodox Church has once again become a battle ground between Orthodox Church and Puthencruz Jacobite Society Church. All the members except none has, after an express court order, accepted the binding nature of and sworn allegiance to the 1934 constitution of the Malankara Orthodox Church in writing. They have been conducting elections in the Church according to the 1934 constitution and office bearers are being elected. This being the case, the Jacobite Society Church people claim that their members are majority in the Church. The vicar of the Church belongs to Orthodox Church and two priests who have been serving there for decades switched their allegiance and joined the new Jacobite Society Church. Bishops of both communities are prevented from entering the Church. We never violated the status quo, but there have been repeated attempts on the part of the Jacobite Society Church bishops to violate it and many a time the police publicly supported it.

The Orthodox Church declared this Church as Cathedral of the Kandanadu East diocese in February last. But we never tried to violate the status quo by entering the Church and declaring it inside the Church. But the Jacobite Society people wanted to make a declaration to the same effect inside the Church. This matter was brought before the government and the district collector called a meeting of both parties and issued an order permitting both parties to enter the Church premise and make a declaration without causing any obstacle to the prayers that may go on inside the Church. Thus time was allotted to Jacobite Society people to make the declaration on 14th of April and for Orthodox Church on 21st of April (copy of order is given). The declaration of the Jacobite Society people went uninterrupted. But when the police came on Thursday to make preparations for the Orthodox Church for the declaration, the Jacobite Society people prevented the police from entering the Church premise. They started dharna and now the situation is tense. The government is hesitant to honor the order of the collector. It was in this circumstance we had to meet the press.

The Order of the District Collector after discussion with both parties.


A Friend before me

A friends of mine from New York, USA stood before me with a camera and did this to me (Incidentally he is a priest of my diocese living in NY). I must admit, apart from he being a fine priest and eloquent speaker a good photographer too.

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Easter Message

My Easter Message on MTV


My Opinion

Prof Ninan Koshy noted economist and former officer with WCC, wrote a book “Palliyum Partiyum Keralathil” (Church and Party in Kerala). Some one wrote in Samakalika Malayalam Weekly a biased and totally negative review. I wanted to challenge that. Here is my note in the same weekly.

My Days at Borivili (Mumbai) St. Thomas Church

I was at St. Thomas Orthodox Church, Borivili, Mumbai, for the Passion Week services. I had a wonderful time with the members and Achen there. Few pictures


Blessed Easter to all those who visit my Blog. Christ has risen! Indeed He has Risen