What I Said on Piravom Issue

Piravom St. Mary’s Orthodox Church has once again become a battle ground between Orthodox Church and Puthencruz Jacobite Society Church. All the members except none has, after an express court order, accepted the binding nature of and sworn allegiance to the 1934 constitution of the Malankara Orthodox Church in writing. They have been conducting elections in the Church according to the 1934 constitution and office bearers are being elected. This being the case, the Jacobite Society Church people claim that their members are majority in the Church. The vicar of the Church belongs to Orthodox Church and two priests who have been serving there for decades switched their allegiance and joined the new Jacobite Society Church. Bishops of both communities are prevented from entering the Church. We never violated the status quo, but there have been repeated attempts on the part of the Jacobite Society Church bishops to violate it and many a time the police publicly supported it.

The Orthodox Church declared this Church as Cathedral of the Kandanadu East diocese in February last. But we never tried to violate the status quo by entering the Church and declaring it inside the Church. But the Jacobite Society people wanted to make a declaration to the same effect inside the Church. This matter was brought before the government and the district collector called a meeting of both parties and issued an order permitting both parties to enter the Church premise and make a declaration without causing any obstacle to the prayers that may go on inside the Church. Thus time was allotted to Jacobite Society people to make the declaration on 14th of April and for Orthodox Church on 21st of April (copy of order is given). The declaration of the Jacobite Society people went uninterrupted. But when the police came on Thursday to make preparations for the Orthodox Church for the declaration, the Jacobite Society people prevented the police from entering the Church premise. They started dharna and now the situation is tense. The government is hesitant to honor the order of the collector. It was in this circumstance we had to meet the press.

The Order of the District Collector after discussion with both parties.



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  1. K.P.Abraham
    Apr 21, 2012 @ 05:54:41

    Tirumeni,the other group is claiming that collecter has not intimated the church authorities about this discussion of 12 April. Prima facie this sounds to be wrong.But as you being in the core of these affairs can you please let know the paricipants of this meeting from both sides.(If it can be shared).Or can you clarify the person represented the church is the holding some a responsible post.Expecting reply


  2. V.g. Saju
    Apr 21, 2012 @ 13:29:32

    Dear thirumeni,

    This is an another example of PC society’s disobedience of mutual agreement and goondaism. What else to say? Now they say that the collector has no right since the case is pending before the court. If so, why they agreed first and made the declaration? To whom they obey? If the court order is against them, they want mediation. If a mutual agreement takes place, they later dishonour it. It is their nature. – Saju


  3. Mathew
    Apr 21, 2012 @ 14:55:58

    Why the church factions not maintaining a real spirit of christian values.The power of the church is beyond national politics.If both faction made a unity, they can bring very social progress in Kerala.The inferior way of fighting seems to be self destructive.Both church leadership must end prolong fighting and bring both group based on Indian cultural heritage.


    • Yuhanon Meletius
      Apr 21, 2012 @ 15:14:02

      Unity is the need of the time and that is what Jesus Christ prayed for. If we call ourselves Christians, we need to listen to what Christ said.


      • J.G.
        Apr 21, 2012 @ 20:01:57

        With all due respect, Thirumeni. Our bishops leading the charge toward peace and prosperity will take us a long way. This conflict is old but it is not insurmountable. We need our bishops whether they call themselves “Jacobite” or “Orthodox” you all hold the keys to progress. May God be merciful to us ALL.

  4. George Thomas
    Apr 21, 2012 @ 15:08:38

    Dear Methracha,
    If the decision on the issues of the Piravom Pally is pending with the court, how come that Patriarch faction has declared the pally as Cathedral now? They are disobeying all the rules and traditions of the Church and the land. When can the ordinary laity like me can have a peaceful prayer situations at any church?


  5. Joshua
    Apr 21, 2012 @ 16:14:53

    This is the sad state of our country. Rulers forgetting “Raj Dharma”. Only the people who have the influence and gunda power can get the things done. I feel pity for this district collector. He should be ashamed to sit in that chair/position. I have seen him dishonoring/not implementing his own agreements/letters related to the church matters, at least on 3 occasions now. Why he calls these meetings and prepares an agreement which doesn’t have any value. It is just a waste of our time, attending these meetings. Many of our church members are also having indifferent attitude to these sufferings that our church is going through in these days. Everyone in this society ( including the politicians, leaders of the other churches/religions, business people etc..) have their own vested interests and selfish priorities in deciding their stand on every issues. We need to realise this and find effective ways to get the justice to our church and our people. For this we need intelligent, tactical, daring and tireless leaders who are ready to fight for our cause. Let us all support and strengthen our Bava’s hands though our prayers and the unity in our actions. Let the truth and justice prevail always.

    Joshua, Kunnamkulam.


  6. Susan Eapen
    Apr 22, 2012 @ 10:50:54

    I have been to Piravom Pally on several occasions. It is a marvelous and serene Church and a source of blessings for us all. St Mary is described as meek, lowly and humble. It is extremely painful to think of the place as a scene of strife between two factions of the Church.

    We cannot say they and we, because there are many families who have married into and from the other side, including priests. I have nieces and nephews and also priests of our church who have married from Jacobite families. Would we not welcome such an alliance rather than one from any other Christian or non-christian faith as we share the most basic things?

    It is the fights within the families that are most bitter.

    Kalahippikkunnulakathe dushtan vanchanayal. Karthaave nin karunayilenye sanketham njangalkengullu, Dushtane njangalil ninnodikkuka nin sleebayal.

    In our Secular World, we are taught not to drive home our victory, but to allow our opponents a win-win situation by accepting a little defeat so that there is no loss of face and this way, you make a friend out of the enemy. Perhaps in the world of religion and faith, these rules do not apply.

    Susan Eapen


  7. Seena Santhosh
    May 02, 2018 @ 04:17:04

    Shri Yohanon Meletius

    Is that same church (Puthen Cruz Church) you got installed as Methran. I listened many times your speech as Fr. Rajan John and in the capacity of Metropolitan in our proud Jacobite Syrian Church. Once in Delhi St Peter;s Church I remember your words that “We have to protect our Antiochyan faith like the apple of our eyes and giving any values”. ( it was in 1994) I feel so pity on you that you lost all your values.

    We Jacobite Syrian Christians always acknowledge our faith and gratitude to our forefathers of the church. Your role model was that blind Methran who lost his memory when the holy father put his hands on his head in order to consecrate him.

    We Jacobite Christians remember you with Judas Iscariot always. May the Almighty God save all of us.


    • Yuhanon Meletius
      May 05, 2018 @ 06:57:31

      Oh yes I accept your comments and acknowledge your sentiment. But
      1. in the Judicial system of India when two parties go for a litigation, it is implied that they have to accept the verdict whether in favor or against and abide by it.
      2. His Holiness the Patriarch asked the patriarch party leaders, including myself, in HH’s kalpana No. E175/95 issued on August 1, 1995 after the Supreme court verdict asking both factions to get back united, that we had to honor and accept the verdict as God’s direction and obey that. If you have not seen that Kalpana I can send you a copy which was translated and published by HB. Baselius Paulose II Catholicos of blessed memory. If you want the original in English, I can send you that too.
      3. I wonder whether you have seen His Holiness the Patriarch Bava’s kalpana No. E74/97 of Feb. 26, 1997 which asked us to make immediate and urgent steps to unite the Church and inform HH through fax. If you have not seen that Kalpana, I can send a copy of that.
      4. I wonder whether you have seen His Holiness the Patriarch Bava’s kalpana No. E30/99 of Jan. 7, 1999 asking we metropolitans whey we have not taken any step to see HH’s kalpanas for unification implemented. His Holiness accused, in that long Kalpana, their Grace Mar Gregorios and Mar Dionysis for raising accusations against we who honored HH’s Kalpana and opted for unity. If you have not seen that kalpana I can send you a copy.
      5. I wonder whether you have seen a signed document by all the then metropolitans of Patriarch fashion, including the present Catholicos Thomas I, asking His Holiness the Patriarch Bava to lift the mudakku on the Orthodox Church and to make necessary steps to see the unity is established in the presence of two metropolitans from Syria. This was on the date 5-11-96 on which His Holiness issued the above said kalpanas. If you have not seen that, I can send you a copy.
      If HH the Patriarch has asked this many times to be united and some of the bishops of the patriarch faction did not act on it but we few acted on it can how be a guilt on us?
      Metropolitan Yuhanon Mor Meletius


  8. Seena Santhosh
    May 05, 2018 @ 09:10:03

    My dear father once we delighted and praised Lord that He has given noble bishops like you in our church .. … Now only God can save these churches and for all the things happening left and right… I want to look only to the center.. May God help..Thank you


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