Crucifixion or Resurrection

I took a three hour walk yesterday in upstate New York, a rare opportunity for me which I really enjoyed. I saw several sign boards in front of Churches which said in one way or another, “Jesus died that we may be saved”. My question is has it got any thing to do with what the western people are doing in other countries and among other communities? The US says what happens in other countries has to be beneficial for our ‘national interest’ (American interest means the interest of the corporate, not the citizens). Europe also most of the time join the chorus. Yes Jesus died for our salvation. So ‘if it brings benefit to us, it does not matter if some one dies for it’ could be a philosophy derived from it. This seems to be the philosophy of the west. I think they took the Christian slogan to put in practice in political and economic world. If some one does not die him/her self, it is ok if they are put to death that our interest may be saved.

The Eastern Churches have always emphasized resurrection over crucifixion. To us crucifixion was not what essentially brought salvation, rather resurrection, or victory over death that brought wholeness to the creation. It does not mean that death was not important, but death was the first step to resurrection. So the culmination is not death, rather it is resurrection.  This will help us look beyond death and to seek outliving not just of us, rather of every one around us. This is a matter of further theological dialogue, I guess.


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  1. Fr. Mathew Chethipurackal Chacko
    Jun 28, 2012 @ 14:30:34

    Crucifixion and Resurrection go together. One does not exist nor has meaning without the other. The emphasis of both events are important as part of our Salvation History. To be hung upon Crucifixion without the ability to move on to the Final Victory of our Lord over sin and death by His Triumphant Resurrection, Outpouring of the Holy Spirit and the Promise of His Second Coming is false teaching that needs to be corrected by declaring, “Christ is risen from the dead, trampling down death by death!” This is the faith of the Holy Fathers of the Church we hold on to dearly. CC Mathewsachen 06/28/12


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