What is Their Problem?

I thought India became an independent nation in 1947 and a Democratic sovereign Republic in 1950 and that itself from Britain and not from United States. There has always been a tendency on the part of US political leadership to consider other nations as slaves or as subordinates and US playing the ‘world police’ role. This is the most recent example for that attitude towards India. Oh yes another one, when Barack Obama the president who is running for a second term made a comment that ‘India is not investor friendly’. The point he was trying to make was India needs to open its market up more to retail sellers of US. Of course he has to collect election campaign fund from those retail giants like Wall Mart and Target in US by pleasing them. They don’t care whether Indian small retail shop owners business persons may have to commit suicide when they go out of business when people run after colourful packets and promises those multinational giants present before them through high tec advertisements.  In the news item given below, it is said that US is asking India to raise the price of cancer fighting drugs so that the American companies can make more money to cater to their greed which caused the global economic crisis that started in 2008. India is a huge country with so much potential for the corporate to loot as much as they want. This is what the old imperials did with us, now a new methodology is being tried. I would say as one of the Manorama News channel presenter said in Thiruva Ethirva some time back, “let them fix their own domestic affairs before they try the police job in other countries”. Number of jobless in US is in rocket high and they can’t do any thing effective about it. Read the Bible passage  in Matthew 7: 3  which says: “And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother’s eye, but considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye?”. The question before us is will we fight for our nation’s sovereignty? The political leadership of our country has proven that they would not. The question is are you for us or for them?


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  1. V.G. Saju
    Jul 19, 2012 @ 13:40:23

    Dear Thirumeni,

    After the collapse of communist Russia and its alliance, there is nobody to stand against America. China is on the way of liberalisation. In the view of US, liberalisation means other countries should open gates to their companies only. Their gates will open or not, they will decide. It is their habit to interfere the internal problems of other nations. Republic or Democrats, policy wont change.They see the other countries as big markets for their giant companies only. Unfortunately, our political leaders are stooping in front of uncle Sam. People should aware of their hidden agendas.


  2. Yuhanon Meletius
    Jul 19, 2012 @ 14:31:27

    You are right Saju. We need to resist this with through nationalism that Mahatma Gandhi advocated.


  3. Sunil Mathews
    Jul 21, 2012 @ 14:39:59

    Dear Thirumeni,

    I am a regular visitor to your blog-site because I value your postings and admire your effort to use modern tools to keep in touch with your sheep. But this posting hit a raw nerve for two reason, first, I am sick and tired of US-bashing by our church hierarchs, and second as an entrepreneur I know the value of Intellectual Property (IP).

    Flogging the US is a time-tested international pass-time of the likes of Mugabe, Khomeini, Castros, Chavez, the Kim (North Korea) ilk, and the off -and-on Indian politician who smells an opportunity to win votes. Bottom-line: rabid, one-sided statements such as theirs reeks of moral bankruptcy. Rather than using the US as the whipping-boy it would have been better if you viewed the news article thru the lens of humanity.

    Is what the multinationals (not all multinationals are US based) doing something new? Humans either individually or as collectives (tribes, states, nations, corporations, parties (e.g. Congress, Communist), and even Churches (ours included)) have been exploiting others from the time of Adam. So what benefit is there in flogging the US? Does it make our sins any lesser? As the old adage goes: When you throw dirt at others you loose ground!!! Counter-intuitive yet true.

    The main point of the news article was protection of Intellectual Property (IP) – patents, trademarks, brands, etc. IP for a company is an asset much the same as parish halls, land and other assets of our Church. Aren’t we fighting tooth and nail with our Jacobite brothers for those assets? All the US Secretary of Commerce is asking for is to enforce IP as agreed to by the Indian Govt. under WTO rules. Same as we ask the Govt. of Kerala to enforce the Kolencherry church verdict. Where is Justice?

    IP is the most valuable asset on a corporations balance sheet, and as an entrepreneur I understand its value fully. It is the one mustard seed like asset small ventures like mine nurture to grow and God-willing become big enterprises. Respect for and enforcement of the rule of law is are critical elements in the environment that nourishes these ventures. Look around the world and you’ll notice that all the countries fall into two categories: innovative ones and others. The innovative ones such as US, where IP is protected, are the ones that have given us the likes of Apple, Google, Airbus, Samsung, etc. The others, where the rule of law is not enforced are the hum-drum ones, like China, that are the factories or commodity mines of the world.

    My hope and prayer is that rather than castigating others to make our ills ‘appear’ palatable we should focus on addressing the sins that are holding us back from realizing our God-giving potential. Look around and you’ll also notice that countries where Orthodox Christianity dominates are economic basket cases – Egypt, Syria, Greece, and Russia to some extent. Why? Definitely a topic of a PhD thesis in economics!!!

    Sorry for the extremely long post; I had to speak my mind and lighten my burden.

    Your son in Christ,
    Sunil Mathews
    Washington, D.C.


    • Yuhanon Meletius
      Jul 21, 2012 @ 15:21:04

      Thank you Sunil for your note. I appreciate your frankness.
      My problem is not only with the Americans. I speak about every one I think exploiting and enslaving others. I criticize the attitude of the American administration as one among those. I have seen in US how people suffer because of their attitude. Even those living in US also are victims to this IP rights. The same medicines can be made cheaper even while honoring the IP rights and research expenses. But that is not what is happening. Again IP does not mean that they have done some research on it. There are lots of traditionally accepted and time tested medicines and medicinal properties in plants and vegetation in general that were patented by multinationals for their benefit. Of course the political leadership in those countries is also to be blamed. I agree that every one believes in survival of the fittest. But that does not make it right.
      Regarding Kolenchery issue, I do not think you got the real picture. We do not fight for property or title right. We only say that the Church has to be governed by the people and not by anti-social elements. The recent events with Mar Clemis of the Jacobite Church will give you a better picture of who is on the other side! We simply want to save the Church from those people. On the top of it, it was they who went to the court asking for absolute custody of the property of the Church.
      I am well aware that there is not any benefit in criticizing other people for lack of prudence on our part. We need to be wise enough to do our job. When we do not do, others will exploit us. But some times people do not know what they are missing. My job is to just expose it. That is what I am doing. I do it about my own community and my own personality. Read some of my articles (specially Malayalam) you will certainly see it.
      Thank you once again for the note.
      Regards and prayers


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