Jacobites Comment on my posting

Here is a detailed comment by a publication of the Jacobite Syrian Christian Association people about a reply I gave to one of the questions I received.  (The comment refers to an answer given to question no. 2 in https://yuhanonmilitos.wordpress.com/2012/07/24/question-and-answer-2/) The periodical claims that it protects faith. Question is which and whose faith? You be the judge …

Diocesan Share Submitted

H.H. Baselius Marthoma Paulose II, Catholicos of the East and Malankara Metropolitan received the share from Thrissur diocese for the forthcoming Catholicate Establishment Centenary celebrations to be held in Ernakulam on Novemebr 25, 2012. A check for the amount was handed over to H. H. by the diocesan Metropolitan. H.G. Dr. Yuhanon Mar Chrisostomos and Association Secretary Dr. George Joseph spoke on the occasion. Vicars and representatives from all the parishes of the diocese attended the function. H.H. was at Mannuthy to receive the Catholicate day cover collection from parishes of the diocese. The diocese was able to collect above target in this regard.

Pictures and report

Daivame Ee Palli Prasangam!

Here is a clip from the Malayalam movie Manasinakkare produced by Subair and directed by Sathyan Anthikkadu. Video courtesy: Harmony Videos.

This helps me look seriously in to my own sermons. Watch this:




My Lecture at O T Seminary

I gave a one hour lecture to the students of the Orthodox Theological Seminary, Kottayam on Aug. 7, 2012. There is a practice of having general lectures in the seminary on Tuesday afternoons by a metropolitan or some one from the community at large. My theme was “The Crisis of Prophecy”. It was in Malayalam and the text is given below in pdf format.

O T Sem. Lecture

My Tribute

I had to say sel baslomo aho dil (go in peace my brother) to H.G. Paulose Mar Pachomius of blessed memory of Mavelikkara diocese on 2nd of August 2012 who left for eternal rest on 1st of August 2012 and was entombed at Bathany Asram chapel at Ranni-Perunad, Pathanamthitta. Video.



Tribunal Order on Muvattupuzha Cathedral Case

Tribunal Order on the Cathedral Construction at Muvattupuzha

Relevant portions of the Order Passed by the Hon. Tribunal for Local Self Government Institutions on an appeal submitted by H. G. Dr. Thomas Mar Athanasius Metroplitan of Kandanadu East diocese challenging the order passed by the Secretary of the Muvattupuzha  Municipality, to stop the work of the construction of the Cathedral building. The Tribunal has the status of a district judge. The Tribunal revoked the order of the Secretary and the work is in progress.

Appellant:  Dr. Thomas Mar Athanasius Metropolitan of Kandanadu East diocese.

Respondents: P.P Babu and Dr.Mathews Mar Ivanios both of Jacobite Church and others.

Para 13. Since the subject matter is the granting permit for construction of a building in a property upon which there is rival claim of ownership, I am dispersing these appeals by this common order.

Para 16. There  are two warring faction among the Syrian Christians in Kerala. These are known as as the Orthodox or Catholicos faction and the Patriarch or Jacobite section. .. . There has been long standing dispute between these faction over the administration of church and so many other issues. Despite various pronouncements by the Apex courts there is no sign of reunion or togetherness among these factions.

Para 17. I am also called upon to decide as to whether the claim of the respondents 3 and 4 ( P.P Babu and Dr.Mathews Mar Ivanios both of Jacobite Church) that they are actually entitled to obtain the building permit and they are in power of this church and therefore the granting of building permit to the appellant was an illegality.

Para 18. In Most Rev. P.M.A Metropolitan V. Moran Mar Marthoma and another etc. AIR 1995 SC 2001, the Supreme Court of India has considered in detail the origin and development of the Syrian Christian in Kerala, the factional dispute amongst them and the said discussion has been summarized in paragraphs 142 of the said Judgment (quoted).

Para 19. The said decision is to the effect that the authority of the Patriarch had never extended to temporalities of the Church.

Para 21. Thus it is clear that the Patriarch remains only as the supreme or spiritual head of the Syrian church but he never enjoyed any temporal powers over the Malankara Churches or its properties. In that view of the matter the Catholicos definitely enjoyed the temporal powers over the Malankara churches or properties.

Para 22. The Patriarch group it appears is not following the above guidelines of the Hon’ble Supreme Court of india. The Hon’ble Supreme Court has directed the two warring groups to show allegiance to the 1934 constitution of the Church. The Patriarch group is not showing allegiance to the said constitution. In fact the appellant herin was a member of the Patriarch group but after the pronouncement of the above decision of the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India in PMA Metropolitan case he had shown allegiance to the 1934 constitution and thereby has become an enemy in the eyes of the Patriarch. It may be a fact that the Patriarch group has decided to throw him out of their group, but by such a decision they cannot throw the appellant from the Syrian community.

Para 23. Document No. 18 produced by the appellant is an appointment order by the Catholicos of the Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church appointing the appellant herein as the Metropolitan of the Kandanad East Metrasanam under which the present church is included. If so the Catholicos in exercise of the temporal power had appointed the appellant as the metropolitan and therefore the appellant has got all the rights to exercise the temporal powers in respect of the church involved in the case. The said view being taken by me would be in conformity to the decision of the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India in AIR 1995 SC 2001

Para 24. … In the said order the Hon’ble High court had following the decision in PMA Metropolitan case found that after the said decision in the Malankara Sabha case and the subsequent orders requiring the office bearers to owe allegiance to the 1934 constitution the appellant herin had declared allegiance to the 1934 constitution and thus became non-grata with Patriarch section and the result is that there is no metropolitan of the Patriarch group for the Kandanad Diocese to claim the benefit of the status quo order by the Supreme Court. It is also held that even though there was an attempt by another Metropolitan of the Patriarch faction to take over the administration of this diocese he cannot do so unless he is ordained by the Catholicos.

Para 25. Hence there can not be another Metropolitan of the Patriarch group for the Kandanad East diocese. In other words the appellant continues as the Metropolitan of the Kandanad diocese under which the present church is established. In that view also the appellant has got every right to represent the diocese as well as the church for managing the properties of the church.

Para 27. It is clear from my above discussion that the appellant namely Dr. Thomas Mar Athaneous continued as the Metropolitan ordained by the Catholicos recognized by the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India and that there cannot be any Metropolitan appointed by the Patriarch of Antokya for the Kandanad diocese. If so the appellant is having all authority to represent the Church which represents Syrian Community in Kerala and therefore there cannot be any shadow of doubt about his authority to managing the church.

Para 28. A meeting held by the Patriarch faction and forming an organization as the Jacobite Syrian Christian Sabha in 2002 would not be of any use to take away the above factual situation. On the basis of  forming such an organization in 2002 the Constitution of which is produced as document no. 17, the respondents 3 and 4 and the 2nd appellant in Appeal 392/2012 cannot contend that in the light of the description in the title deed that the property is to be used and utilized by the ‘Jacobite Syrian Samudayam’, they or their group (Patriarch group) are really entitled to manage the affairs of this particular church.

Para 30. In view of the above discussion I repeat and reiterate that since the temporal powers of the church and the church properties are vested with the Catholicos and since the Catholicos has ordained the appellant as the Metropolitan of the Kandanad Diocese under which this church comes the appellant is competent to get a building permit for reconstruction of the church and that competency cannot be doubted by the Secretary of the Municipality.

32. In the light of the above discussion, I find that the building permit granted in the name of the appellant is not vitiated by any sort of illegality as to revoke the same. In that view, the order of the Secretary to the appellant to produce the documents to prove the ownership and the order to stop the construction of the work are to be treated as illegal orders. The points are found so.

Trivandrum, 24th of July 2012

Sd/ K.M. Balachandran, Tribunal for Local Self Government Institutions.  (Full text is given below)

Tribunal Order

Mar Pachomius Entered Eternal Rest

H. G. Paulose Mar Pachomus Metropolitan of Mavelikkara diocese of the Church has entered eternal rest this morning at Lake Shore Hospital., Kochi.  His body will be laid to rest at Bethany Ashram at Ranni Perunad in Pathanamthitta dist. tomorrow at 3 p.m. We have lost a dedicated shepherd of the Lord. I pray to God that this father of the Church may be comforted among the saints and fathers of the Church.