Easter Singing

St. Gregorios Indian Orthodox Church, Mississauga presented a music treat after the service. Here is a video clip:


Easter Message

Two sermons, one during the Washing of Feet Liturgy and second during Easter Service are uploaded to my SkyDrive Passion Week Folder. To listen them go to:


Washing of Feet Liturgy

Washing of Feet Liturgy

Indeed He is Risen and has driven the adversary back

Indeed He is Risen and has driven the adversary back


Pictures from Easter Service

Pictures from Easter Service

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Washing of Feet Liturgy

Washing of Feet Liturgy was conducted at St. Gregorios Indian Orthodox Church, Mississauga, Canada. Few pictures (courtesy: Mr. George Binu)

Washing of Feet Liturgy

Washing of Feet Liturgy

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Pesha Sermon

Here are some pictures and sermon of the Pesha Service at St. Gregorios Indian Orthodox Church, Mississauga, Canada

For sermon of the day go to: https://skydrive.live.com/redir?resid=866CC4F0CAF251C6!3770


Pesaha Day in Toronto

Pesha Day in Toronto

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Passion Week Meditation

Here is an audio clip of Wednesday of Passion Week.  Go to my SkyDrive folders:


OR    https://skydrive.live.com/redir?resid=866CC4F0CAF251C6!3755

OR    https://skydrive.live.com/?cid=866cc4f0caf251c6#cid=866CC4F0CAF251C6&id=866CC4F0CAF251C6%213756

My Summer Treat

Part of my garden during the beginning of summer before I left for North American tour:

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Vade Dalmino Liturgy

I am in Toronto, Canada participating in the Passion Week Services of St. Gregorios Indian Orthodox Church. One of the liturgies we conduct is Vade Dalmino.

Vade Dalmino means entrance in to heaven (literally harbor/ port). This liturgy is based on the parable of the ten virgins (Matthew 25:1 ff.). This liturgy is conducted after the second kaumo off midnight prayer of the first day of the passion week  ( or after Sunday evening prayer). The liturgy begins inside the Church with prayers and songs. Before the reading of the Gospel clergy put on vestments and go out of the Church in procession through the northern door and reaches the southern door which remain closed until after the Gospel reading. After everybody reached the door step, Gospel is read by the chief celebrant. After the reading the chief celebrant knocks at the door three times and the door will be opened (the assumption is that there shall not be any foolish virgins as in the case of the parable. The procession goes inside the Church and with prayers the liturgy is closed. It was the first time I conducted the service. They say it was also for the first time in all of North American parishes.

Few Pictures:

Procession beginsGo in peace Gospel Reading 2 Gospel Reading Hear our Prayers O Lord Knocking at the Door Procession begins Procession outside 2 Procession outside 3 Procession outside Sermon Thank you