Church Dispute Settled

I want to share a happy news with you. St. George Orthodox Church at Vattully, near Chelakkara in Thrissur district in our diocese was closed for worship due the factional dispute in our Church for the last 40 years. There were civil and criminal cases pending on the matter. We initiated dialogue with the Patriarch group and have come to a conclusion that they will take some money, will give up all claims on the Church and will agree to settle all pending cases. We gave them Rupees 1,250,000 and some fifty cents of land along with right to the cemetery as part of the agreement. We got the Church and its premise along with right to the cemetery. The agreement was brought to the civil authorities and they have handed over the Church to us. Of course it needs a lot of repair work, but God willing, we will have regular service commencing from next month. I visited the Church on Jan 8th 2015 with our vicar Rev. Fr. Baby Paul, trustees and few parishioner. The vicar and a couple of lay leaders from the Patriarch group came to the Church to greet us. We prayed together, cut a cake and shared it to mark the happy moment. That was a memorable moment for all of us as it was after 45 years a bishop was entering the Church.



Vattully News


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  1. elizabethjoy237
    Jan 10, 2015 @ 08:16:19

    Dear Thirumeni
    We rejoice with you and thank God. Hope and pray many more churches in dispute will find this great LIGHT in this year that together we can Glorify God and be living witnesses to God in our faith and worship.


  2. George Philip
    Jan 10, 2015 @ 10:52:38

    Respected Thirumeni, really great job. All God”s grace. Hope and pray like this all the disputes may be settled in the years to come.


  3. Jose
    Jan 10, 2015 @ 14:21:49

    Congratulations Thirumeni, We rejoice with you and Praise the Lord Alimighty. We are praying for all the disputed cases may be solved like this.


  4. Jacob Mathew,Bahrain
    Jan 10, 2015 @ 14:53:27

    Good job


    Jan 11, 2015 @ 08:39:09

    Dear Beloved Thirumeni,

    That’s a marvelous way to start the year 2015. May Lord God Almighty use you more and more, so that we have Peaceful, God Fearing Church.

    May HE bless you more and keep you healthy and wise as always.

    With prayers



  6. Shinu
    Jan 11, 2015 @ 23:25:44

    Respected Thirumeni,
    Congratulations! Hoping that all disputed cases will be solved peacefully.
    Also wishing you a blessed Happy New Year…
    Warm regards,


  7. Yuhanon Meletius
    Jan 13, 2015 @ 03:37:41

    Thank you all for the appreciation!


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