Dalit Solidarity a Question of Christian Faith


This link leads you to an article in Malayalam that is a translation of my paper presented at the “Dalit Solidarity International” Annual meeting held at Portcullis Hall of British Parliament on September 9, 2014. A video of the event is uploaded to my Youtube channel. My long-time friends Rev. Fr. Joy George and Mrs. Elizabeth Joy joined me at the Portcullis house also earlier at the Methodist Center for preliminary discussion on the issue. The Malayalam translation was published in the July – September issue of the “Gregorian Mirror” of St. George Orthodox Church, Palarivattom (Kochi Diocese). They have a standing permission to publish any of my articles appeared in my site or blog. I thank them for making this article available in Malayalam. Text of the article in English and the video of the event on the day of presentation of the paper are available both in my website and blog.




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  1. ecumenicaljourneyuk2012
    Oct 16, 2015 @ 09:33:03

    Dear Thirumeni
    Thank you very much for this post and the message that you get across in solidarity with Dalits. I have no words to thank you for expressing your solidarity not as an option but an obligation arising out of your CHRISTIAN FAITH, conviction and commitment. It is also posted at an appropriate time – yesterday was Anti-Slavery Day and this goes so well with it. While we are focussing on Modern Slavery, you rightly bring into the picture the truth about casteism that has been enslaving people for thousands of years – it is rampantly ruining the Indian Society now more than ever before in many forms. We thank you for raising your prophetic voice at pertinent times.
    Achen and I watched the video again a little while ago and he shared rich memories of this day and your presence with us. Thanking you for your thinking through your heart and living out your Christian Faith at all times. WE thank God for having a SHEPHERD like YOU who is a Friend of ALL.
    Love and Prayers


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