Message for NSS Project

National Service Society of Higher Secondary Schools of Kerala asked me for a felicitating message as they begin a new project called “Haritha Gramam”. Ten Lakh Jackfruit tree saplings are collected by the first year Plus Two students of NSS and five lakh of them are to be planted and cared by the NSS volunteers at public sites. Here is my message:

My Message to Those in the Healthcare Sector

This video was made with my voice clip of special Easter Message sent to our sisters and brothers working in Healthcare Sector in Gulf parishes and congregations of Thrissur Diocese in the context of Covid 19. Even still, same is my message to any one working in healthcare sector anywhere in the world.

My Monthly Column in Janayugom Daily

I was asked by my long time friend and Editor of Janayugom Daily Ex M.L.A. Mr. Rajaji Mathew Thomas to contribute an article every month on any subject I like. I started it in December 2019. Here are four articles.

December 19.jpg

January 20.jpg

February 20.jpg

March 20.jpg

My Participation in Asianet Channel Discussion on Piravom Church Issue

Malankara Church has been in the court after a split since 1974. The case went through several stages and a final verdict was issues in 1995 by the Hon. Supreme Court of India. The execution of that was completed in 2002. According to the verdict of the court, all churches and institutions in Malankara Church have to be administered in terms of the 1934 constitution of Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church. But a group of people calling themselves as “Jacobites” under the Syriac Orthodox Church of Antioch split themselves with a new constitution and formed “Jacobite Syrian Christian Association Church”. They but, claimed many of the Churches that come under the purview of the Supreme Court verdict and forcefully occupied them. Litigation continued to release these Churches to bring them under the constitution. Finally a clear verdict was issued by the Hon. Supreme Court on July 3rd 2017. However, the “Jacobites” refused to obey the orders. So tension mounted in several churches. Public media took up the issue to discuss it. This video contains my statements in one of those discussions on an issue related to Piravom St. Mary’s Orthodox Church (26, 9, 2019). The Hon. Kerala High Court ordered the district administration to remove all those who illegally occupy the church and grant access to the priests and people of Orthodox Church that accepts 1934 constitution. Video Courtesy: Asianet Telivision News Channel.


My Visit to Canada, 2019

I visited Canada once again in June-July 2019. I had two main engagements there. One is the baptism of the son Noah John Mathews of Pratap and Julia and grandson of Suresh (Mathews John) and Sunu, my longtime friends in Toronto. The other was to conduct a Holy Qurbana at St. John’s Orthodox Church, Hamilton on invitation from vicar Rev. Fr. Blesson and my UTC friend Sam Kurian. There are quite a few friends for me in Canada. They are eager to make my visit most enjoyable. I went to various places with Balan and Soosamma and Rajan and Sajini to Niagara and IAWAH (In All thy Ways Acknowledge Him- Proverbs 3:6) with few families of St. Gregorios Indian Orthodox Church Toronto. I had a good time with my friends and family in Canada.

My Weekend in Cleveland and Pittsburgh

I spent a weekend (August 2- 5, 2019) with Mr. Abraham (Abe) Pannikkottu and Mini Abraham in Cleveland. I attended Sunday service at St. Gregorios Orthodox Church, Cleveland on the invitation of Rev. Fr. James an old student of mine at STOTS, Nagpur, the vicar. Abe is an old student of MGM HSS Thiruvalla and is so concerned of the development of the school. Mini, a dietitian by profession was concerned of protein deficiency in me. Abe took me and James Achan on Saturday for a ride to St. George Antiochian Orthodox Church (Greek tradition) in Fairlawn, Ohio and Allegheny Commons West Park in Pittsburgh.

A Day at the Grounds for Sculptures

I spent a morning with my relatives Nebu and Veena in Philadelphia at “Grounds for Sculptures” in Hamilton Township, New Jersey.

My Comments on Kothamangalam Church Issue Dec 20, 2018

There is specific and definite order from the courts regarding parishes in Malankara Church. But a group of people instigated by few leaders for their vested interest and to keep their power in some Churches are trying to prevent these orders from being implemented. Unfortunately Police and political administration is supporting these anti-social elements. This creates unrest and law and order situation in the society. The media is discussing the matter and I participated in the discussion conducted by Manorama TV Channel on Dec. 20th 2018. This was regarding the implementation of the court order regarding Marthoman Cheriya Pally, Kothamangalam in Angamali diocese of Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church.

My Visit to Karad, Maharashtra



I was invited to the Perunnal of St. Mary’s Orthodox Parish, Karad, Maharashtra. I arrived Pune airport in the afternoon of 9th Sept. 2016 and the Vicar Rev. Fr. Siby (Fr. Skariah Thomas) and Dr. Arun (from Koothattukulam, doing MD in Community Health) received me to take up a three hour drive to Karad. It was a pleasant drive through the curves and uphill of the road. On the way we stopped at a tea shop and had cucumber slice and tea. I expressed my wish to visit one of the villages in that remote region of Maharastra. So the next day Mr.  P. D. John (Finance Officer of the University and trustee of the parish) offered to take us to a village called Susere. Very Rev. Younan Mulamoottil Cor-episcopo (founder vicar of the parish) and Dr. Arun joined us. John had talked to one of the district panchayat members Mr. Dhondiram Jado about our tour and he offered to go with us. The road was bumpy and it had its effect on my Spondylitis to go on Steroid. But it was worth a trip. We were given hearty welcome in the village. It indeed was a rare experience. A Maharashtra lady surprised us with her fluent and clear Malayalam at her house. Later we also visited the son of the founder of Krishna Institute of Medical Science which has the status of Deemed University, Dr. Suresh Bhosale in his office. He is truly a humanist just like his father was. We had the perunnal on that evening and the following day. I flew back to Kochi on Sunday late in the evening spending most of the early hours of 12th as I had to conduct re-dedication classes for the tenth grade Sunday School graduates which ended with Holy Qurbana on 13th. I boarded a train the same evening to Nagpur to fulfil my annual teaching assignment. That will bring you another story.

My Days at St. James’ Sunland, CA


I spent few days with the vicar and parishioners of St. James Syriac Orthodox Church, Sunland CA. Mr. George Grer took me and Very Rev. Fr. Dr. Joseph Tarzi to have a lunch with him in the Chelsea Restaurant of the former ship turned museum The Queen Mary. We also had a Picnic Day. The Board of Elders and the Board of Trustees together hosted a Dinner in my honour too.




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