Nostalgic Visit to St. James, Sunland

I visited St. James of Sorough Syriac Orthodox Church, Sunland, California once again. This parish with over 300 families all from Syria, Lebanon and Jordan were under my episcopal care from 2009, by the decision of the Holy Synod of Malankara Orthodox Church. They had serious difference with their diocesan bishop over a financial misappropriation issue. They brought the matter before the then Patriarch who did not care to listen to the cry of the parish. They sought the help of Malankara Orthodox Church for episcopal supervision which the Church graciously granted. These 300 plus families had to come out of the Church as the Church building they worshipped was in the name of the bishop. They worshipped in rented facility until 5th Dec. 2011 when they bought a Church of their own under my guidance. I consecrated the Church on Nov. 3rd 2012 and till now they worship in the Church.

In 2014 Patriarch Aprem II Karim was installed and I encouraged the parishioners to approach the new patriarch ask about his readiness to accept them as a separate parish under HH’s direct shepherding (as a matter of fact I had categorically mentioned in my initial Kalpana accepting the parish under my care that when they will have a bishop of their own ethnic and ecclesiastical background, I will retire from being their bishop). The parish had difference of opinion with the local bishop and the former patriarch only. Initially the patriarch was not willing to do that, but later HH accepted the proposal and I joyfully and readily agreed to the change. But the parish was not ready to leave me from being their bishop which I could not agree to. But they requested me to visit them and stay with them for few days when ever I visit United Stated. I accepted their request. Sice last two years I have been visiting them unofficially, stay with the vicar Very Rev. Cor-Episcopo Dr. Joseph Tarzi and go for Holy Qurbana on Sundays to St. Thomas Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church, Los Angles where Rev. Fr. Yohannan Panicker is the vicar. During my current visit to LA I visited the Church I consecrated with the vicar.

Dadar Meet 2018

I had the privilege of officiating the “Dadar Meet” of Dadar St. Mary’s Orthodox Cathedral organised as part of it’s celebrations in connection with the completion of 75 years of worship in that city.

My Greetings to C C Mathews Achen

This is a greeting I sent to Sts. Baselius Gregorios Orthodox Church, New Jersery that is celebrating the 85th birthday and 60th year of ordination of their vicar Rev. Fr. C. C. Mathews. My friendship with him is about two decades old. His life has been a motivation to many young people. I like his attitude to Church, liturgy and life of humans in this world. I was so glad that the parish asked me to send in my greetings. I wish him long and healthy life. I also greet Kochamma at this pleasant occasion.

St. Ephraim Seminary, Damas

BBC documentary on St. Ephraim Syriac Orthodox Seminary, Marat Seydnaya (20 km away from Damascus). A This is where I spent 8 months as a Syriac language student and as an English language teacher in 1985


I am Watched Always!

This is what happens when I carry a gadget with net connection. No one can hide, but always watched, scary?

My Journey.png

Sunrise at Wayanadu


I was able to capture this beautiful sight of the sunrise at Wayanadu when I was St. George Orthodox Syrian Valiyapally, Puthupadi, Calicut for the inauguration of the last phase of its Jubilee celebrations. I stood at the eastern porch of the Church viewing the beautiful sight of the sun coming out of the hills of Wayanadu.

Another Proud Moment

Another proud moment in my life. The Catholicos and Malankara Metropolitan His Holiness Baselius Marthoma Paulose II, asked me through a Kalpana to co-chair the first meeting of the newly elected Managing Committee of the Church which met on April 4th to elect a new Association Secretary. The first part of the meeting was presided by HH and the following part which included the reading and passing of the minutes and the election procedure, was presided by me. I thank HH for granting me this honored position.

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