My Speech at Kolenchery Protest Meet

This is a video of my speech at Kolenchery Protest Meet on Nov. 17, 2019 (Video courtesy:

My Participation in Chanel 18 Discussion

This is the video of my responses to questions from Malayalam “News Chanel 18” on Orthodox position about court orders particularly on Kothamangalam Marthoman Orthodox Cheriyapally case telecast on October 28th 2019. I participated in the discussion from my office at Mannuthy. Unfortunately, their video uploading system was not working. So there was only audio from me. The court repeatedly asked the police to give enough protection to Very Rev. Fr. Thomas Paul Ramban, who is recognized by the Hon. Court as the lawful vicar of the Church. But a group of people have been preventing him from functioning. He had gone to the Church three times and all those occasions people tried to prevent him from entering the Church. The police sided with those law breakers. He was once physically attacked and his vehicle was vandalized. The fourth time, the court strongly asked the top police officer (DGP) to see that he was given ample protection. But here also the police refused to obey the order of the court. There was a discussion on this Chanel about our position. There were two others, one media person and one former police officer participating. The police officer, though was misinformed about the history of the Church, appreciated our peaceful attitude. But the media person was too one sided and supportive of law breakers. I have omitted most of their comments. My courtesy to Chanel 18


My Article in Akshara Kairali

Akshara Kairali is the Publication of Kerala State’s Adult Education Programme called Saksharatha Mission Authority. Thanks to my friend Dr. Kavumbai Balakrishnan a member on the Editorial Board






My Participation in Vanitha Mathil

I participated in the progressive project of several of the organization of Kerala with the support of the state government. This was to uphold the freedom and equality women need to enjoy in the society which claims to most educated state in India. Unfortunately it’s attitude toward women and many of the backward communities are not so mature and positive rather is discriminative and oppressive. The Vanitha Mathil or Women’s Wall that was built from one end of Kerala state to the other with fifty lakhs of women standing shoulder to shoulder through the entire 620 KM length of the state. This was on January 1, 2019 from 4 pm to 4.15 pm.  An equal number of men from all walks of life also come forward and stood along with the women in support. I was happy that I was also able to participate.

My Comment on Vanitha Mathil

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My Christmas Greetings

Christmas Message  18 in Press.jpg

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Iftar 2018 PC


An Iftar Meet was organized by Thrissur Press Club in Association with Kerala Pathra Pravarthaka Union, Thrissur District Committee on June 9, 2018 at Thrissur Press Club Auditorium

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