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My Participation in Chanel 18 Discussion

This is the video of my responses to questions from Malayalam “News Chanel 18” on Orthodox position about court orders particularly on Kothamangalam Marthoman Orthodox Cheriyapally case telecast on October 28th 2019. I participated in the discussion from my office at Mannuthy. Unfortunately, their video uploading system was not working. So there was only audio from me. The court repeatedly asked the police to give enough protection to Very Rev. Fr. Thomas Paul Ramban, who is recognized by the Hon. Court as the lawful vicar of the Church. But a group of people have been preventing him from functioning. He had gone to the Church three times and all those occasions people tried to prevent him from entering the Church. The police sided with those law breakers. He was once physically attacked and his vehicle was vandalized. The fourth time, the court strongly asked the top police officer (DGP) to see that he was given ample protection. But here also the police refused to obey the order of the court. There was a discussion on this Chanel about our position. There were two others, one media person and one former police officer participating. The police officer, though was misinformed about the history of the Church, appreciated our peaceful attitude. But the media person was too one sided and supportive of law breakers. I have omitted most of their comments. My courtesy to Chanel 18


My Participation in Asianet Channel Discussion on Piravom Church Issue

Malankara Church has been in the court after a split since 1974. The case went through several stages and a final verdict was issues in 1995 by the Hon. Supreme Court of India. The execution of that was completed in 2002. According to the verdict of the court, all churches and institutions in Malankara Church have to be administered in terms of the 1934 constitution of Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church. But a group of people calling themselves as “Jacobites” under the Syriac Orthodox Church of Antioch split themselves with a new constitution and formed “Jacobite Syrian Christian Association Church”. They but, claimed many of the Churches that come under the purview of the Supreme Court verdict and forcefully occupied them. Litigation continued to release these Churches to bring them under the constitution. Finally a clear verdict was issued by the Hon. Supreme Court on July 3rd 2017. However, the “Jacobites” refused to obey the orders. So tension mounted in several churches. Public media took up the issue to discuss it. This video contains my statements in one of those discussions on an issue related to Piravom St. Mary’s Orthodox Church (26, 9, 2019). The Hon. Kerala High Court ordered the district administration to remove all those who illegally occupy the church and grant access to the priests and people of Orthodox Church that accepts 1934 constitution. Video Courtesy: Asianet Telivision News Channel.


Me in Janakeeya Kodathy by Channel 24

This is an edited version of two episodes combined of the talk show “Janakeeya Kodathy” recorded on Monday April 1, 2019 and telecasted on April 21st and 28th, 2019 by Channel 24, of Media City. The subject was the feud between Malankara Orthodox Church and Jacobite community and the court orders on the matter. I represented the Orthodox Church and H.G. Dr. Geevarghese Mar Coorilos of Niranam diocese represented the Jacobite community. I express courtesy to Channel 24 and the host Dr. Arun Kumar. Let the viewers review and decide merits of the matter.

Facts about Church Feud

Several Decades long Church feud between Orthodox and Jacobite communities came to an end on July 3rd of 2017 with the order of the Hon. Supreme Court of India. But a fraction of the Jacobite community refuses to accept the court orders that put an end to the feud. Here are the facts about the matter (Courtesy: Mathrubhumi and Asianet TV Channels)

Clergy Family Get Together

This video contains few shots from the Annual Clergy and Family Get together held on Dec. 28th 2017 at the residence of Rev. Fr. Reji Mamkottil, Thenidukku, Vadakkenchery.

MPM School Chungathara

My first visit to Mar Philexinos Memorial High School and Higher Secondary School, Chungathara. I laid the foundation stone of the new block and attended the PTA meeting where it felicitated two former students and one present student for their achievements in life. One teacher who won the Best Teacher award. one who got president’s best police officer award and a 12th grade student who won Kerara State Award for best student farmer



Whom to Believe Oh God?

Media is one of the basic source of information. But who will tell us whether what the media gives would be the correct information? These media reports speak for themselves!

How Many Missing in Floods

How many died

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