MPM School Chungathara

My first visit to Mar Philexinos Memorial High School and Higher Secondary School, Chungathara. I laid the foundation stone of the new block and attended the PTA meeting where it felicitated two former students and one present student for their achievements in life. One teacher who won the Best Teacher award. one who got president’s best police officer award and a 12th grade student who won Kerara State Award for best student farmer




Whom to Believe Oh God?

Media is one of the basic source of information. But who will tell us whether what the media gives would be the correct information? These media reports speak for themselves!

How Many Missing in Floods

How many died

Few Facts from an Eminent Personality

Justive Venkita Chelliah

Here are few facts about our country given by Justice (Rtd.) Mr. M. N. Venkita Chelliah, retired Supreme Court Chief Justice (1993-’94), former National Human Rights Commission Chairman (1996-1998), former National Commission for Reviewing the Working of the Constitution (2000 – 2002), Former Lokayukta and recipient of Padma Vibhushan (2004).

25 percent of national wealth is in the hands of one percent of Indian population. 87 percent of the wealth is in the hands of 15 percent. 25 percent of Indian population holds only one percent of national wealth.

He says, “free market helps create wealth in the coutry. But it gets accumulated in the hands of few who mobilize the system”.

He asks: “Why should we obey rules?” To him, “Because it provides equal opportunity to every one for a decent and quality life. When the law fails to do so, civil disobedience becomes a responsibility of the the citizen”.

I said: Well said Mr. Justice

He also gives two quotes:
“The way you implement law can make the constitution and its great goal fail” Dr. B. R. Ambedkar.

“Everything has turned upside down, hence the human community has to think differently” Albert Einstein.

(From a lecture delivered at National Conference, SUCI Women’s wing, Thiruvananthapuram. Courtesy: Samakalika Malayalam Weekly, Feb. 15, 2013 ).

Nerariyathirikkan …

Just watch this video…


I Did Not, Manorama Said It!

If I say some thing about aggressive privatization, they will call me a communist. Now read two news reports on Malayala Manorama and try to think about tomorrow. According to the first report, Central finance minister Mr. P. Chithambaram has said that more in stock regarding privatization and economic liberalization.  The second one says, Central Excise Intelligence has issued notice to those private insurance companies for cheating the government on tax amounting over 300 crore.

It is this kind of acts of American Insurance Group (AIG) and other banking and insurance companies that made the whole world plunge in to financial crisis in 2008. Of course the Central Excise has issued notice to those who cheated the government. But the case will not be furthered as they have enough money to pull the strings in politics and in the administration and also to hire good lawyers to fight for them in the court. The govt. lawyer will mostly keep quite. Final result will be that those criminals will get away with what they did. The country will lose money. Country means people (I think). What do you think?

Jacobites Comment on my posting

Here is a detailed comment by a publication of the Jacobite Syrian Christian Association people about a reply I gave to one of the questions I received.  (The comment refers to an answer given to question no. 2 in The periodical claims that it protects faith. Question is which and whose faith? You be the judge …

What is Their Problem?

I thought India became an independent nation in 1947 and a Democratic sovereign Republic in 1950 and that itself from Britain and not from United States. There has always been a tendency on the part of US political leadership to consider other nations as slaves or as subordinates and US playing the ‘world police’ role. This is the most recent example for that attitude towards India. Oh yes another one, when Barack Obama the president who is running for a second term made a comment that ‘India is not investor friendly’. The point he was trying to make was India needs to open its market up more to retail sellers of US. Of course he has to collect election campaign fund from those retail giants like Wall Mart and Target in US by pleasing them. They don’t care whether Indian small retail shop owners business persons may have to commit suicide when they go out of business when people run after colourful packets and promises those multinational giants present before them through high tec advertisements.  In the news item given below, it is said that US is asking India to raise the price of cancer fighting drugs so that the American companies can make more money to cater to their greed which caused the global economic crisis that started in 2008. India is a huge country with so much potential for the corporate to loot as much as they want. This is what the old imperials did with us, now a new methodology is being tried. I would say as one of the Manorama News channel presenter said in Thiruva Ethirva some time back, “let them fix their own domestic affairs before they try the police job in other countries”. Number of jobless in US is in rocket high and they can’t do any thing effective about it. Read the Bible passage  in Matthew 7: 3  which says: “And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother’s eye, but considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye?”. The question before us is will we fight for our nation’s sovereignty? The political leadership of our country has proven that they would not. The question is are you for us or for them?

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