Election of Association Secretary of MOS Church


On April 4th election to the office of Association Secretary of Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church was held at Orthodox Theological Seminary, Kottayam. I was asked by His Holiness Baselius Marthoma Paulose II Catholicos and Malankara Metropolitan to co-chair the meeting. I announced the result of the election as handed down by the Polling Officer. Adv. Biju Oommen was elected.

Third Annual Meet of Congregations and Parish in the Desert Land

The Delegates 1.jpg

Third annual meeting of the congregations and parish of Thrissur diocese in the desert land was held in Bahrain after the Holy Qurbana at St. Mary’s Orthodox Cathedral, Bahrain on 31st March 2017. The meeting decided among other things to have two day meetings in future with a day of retreat and cultural evening with maximum number of families attending. A total of 32 deligates along with the Resident Priest of STOC Rev. Fr. Sajan Paul attended the meeting. Sri. A. O. Johny of Thrissur in Bahrain made the local arrangements.

Mr. Raju Kalliath Memorial Student Scholarships

The diocese gave away two student scholarships in memory of Mr. Raju Kalliath in a function organized for the Catholicate Day Collection of Thrissur diocese today (Oct. 5, 2016). You may not know Mr. Raju. He was the trustee for a long time at St. Mary’s Church Elanadu in Thrissur Diocese. Raju along with most of the members of the erstwhile Patriarch group of Elanadu Church accepted the Supreme Court order in Church case and worked with me for the unity of Elanadu Church. Few people who got angry on it brutally attacked Raju and was hospitalized. The treatment did not do much help and died after few months. He was supporting his family with his wife and two children from the income he got from farming. After Raju’s death the family was planning to sell of the house and go away. But the diocese intervened and provided monthly allowance until his son, who has a master’s degree in ecological studies, got a job. His daughter got married and his son got a job in forest department and now supports the family. Still we thought his name and the support he gave to the cause of unity of the Church should not be forgotten. So we established a scholarship of ten thousand Rupee annually to the best but financially backward student of the diocese for both years of his/ her higher secondary education. This project is managed by Elanadu Church, but financed by the diocese. Raju’s sacrifice did not go without merit. The cases related to Elanadu Church got settled through court orders and now it is one of the best Churches of the diocese. Only a handful of people from the erstwhile patriarch party left the Church to join the Jacobite group. These two pictures are taken at the time of the giving away of the scholarships.

Inauguration of Children’s Park at Prerana Special School

Prerana Park Inauguration.jpg


I got another blessed time, along with the Senior Vice President of the seminary H. G. Dr. Jospeh Mar Dionysius Metropolitan of Calcutta diocese, during my current visit to STOTS at the inauguration of Children’s park and plate and cup making machine of Prerana Special School. The rides of the park were gifted by Oriental Insurance Company through their Corporate Social Responsibility Programme. This video is a collection of pictures from the day.


Onam for Prerana School Students


It was indeed a memorable day at St. Thomas Orthodox Theological Seminary for me. I arrived from Kerala at the seminary to fulfil my annual teaching assignment on September 15th of 2016 early morning.  That was the Onam celebration day of the Seminary. The centre of attraction was the children of Prerana School for Mentally Challenged with their sports and games conducted at the seminary. The seminary prepared Onam meal with 25 side dishes for the children, the teachers of the school and the parents. I had to distribute the prizes for the winners among the students and teachers and talk to them about Abundant Love and Care as Onam is all about harvested crop in abundance. It was the 25 deacons of the seminary who prepared the meal spending all night in the kitchen. I salute them and with the Principal, the faculty, administrative staff and students of the seminary who made that day for those beautiful creations of God studying in Prerana School (I get so blessed that every year when I come to the seminary there will be something happening in Prerana that I could attend. Last year it was dedication of the new building)


My Respectful Homage to Bishop Raphael Chinath

1.jpgMy Respectful Homage to Bishop Raphael Chinath, retired bishop of Bhubaneswar in Odisha who passed away yesterday. I met him in early 2009 when I visited the sites of Kandhamal violence initiated by RSS-Sangh Parivar volunteers against Dalit Christians. This was part of a study program conducted by the Council for World Mission with which I was associated with for some time presenting papers on child communion and Dalit issues. All along my tour I heard the name of this Catholic Bishop from Thrissur who worked with the people in that area both to re-establish the community and also to fight against the religious fundamentalist forces. I saw this an unusual attitude from a bishop and thought of visiting him. Our Orthodox parish vicar in Bhubaneswar got an appointment with him and we met him at his residence. He was in pants and shirt with just a crucifix chain hanging from his neck. I saw a simple person who can identify with common folks. No wonder he was able to involve himself in the suffering of the people. I salute him and his love for the people in distress and readiness to work for their liberation.
In Kandhamal violence some fifty thousand people had to find shelter in the nearby forest as their houses, some five hundred of them, were burnt or destroyed and some hundred people were killed by Sankh Parivar. Nuns were raped, priests were made to walk naked in streets with naked nuns and police kept silent when all these were happening.
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 Scene from Kandkamal.JPG

Thrissur Diocese Gets A New Year Gift

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