Facts about Church Feud

Several Decades long Church feud between Orthodox and Jacobite communities came to an end on July 3rd of 2017 with the order of the Hon. Supreme Court of India. But a fraction of the Jacobite community refuses to accept the court orders that put an end to the feud. Here are the facts about the matter (Courtesy: Mathrubhumi and Asianet TV Channels)

Press Release from Thrissur Diocese

A press note was issued by Thrissur Diocese on the recent order of the Hon. Supreme Court of India on Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church case on July 7, 2017 at Thrissur Press Club

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My words at Ernakulam Protest Dharna

On the early hours of February 1st (3.30 am), Saturday a group of fifty anti social criminals entered the premise of Thrikkunnathu Seminary in Aluva Ernakulam dist., the official residence of the Metropolitan of Ankamali diocese of the Malankara Orthodox Church, jumping over the boundary wall. This was under the leadership of few bishops and the local head, Thomas I, of Jacobite Syrian Christian Association Church with its head quarters at Puthencruz. They broke open the Seminary Chapel door and entered the sanctuary to conduct what they call Qurbana which, in genuine case, can be conducted only by the metropolitan of Ankamali Orthodox diocese. Hearing the commotion the three inmates of the bishop’s house including the manager of the house Fr. Yacob came to the courtyard to find this unlawful encroachment. Seeing him a bishop among the intruders pulled him in to the Church and brutally beat him up to the point of becoming seriously wounded who was later admitted to intensive care unit of Kolenchery Medical college after was admitted at and suggested by the local government hospital. The two other young men who were with him ran for life and informed the police. They arrived on the spot and later the Superintendent also with his force. They evacuated the premise arresting the entire mob along with Thomas I, and took them to the police station in the police vehicles.

This was a blatant violation of any kind of generally accepted norms among humanity and also against several court orders that verdict ed that the chapel and premise are under the lawful custody of the Orthodox Church. A protest dharna was staged before the office of district collector who acts against the law to support the miscreants. I spoke to the members of the Church who came from all over the state and from Chennai and Bangalore to participate in the dharna. We demand that the criminals have to be charged for attempted murder of Fr. Yacob and for unlawful assembly, entry in to private property and private chapel and conducting religious rites.

Video of my speech is uploaded to Youtube. Media reports on the issue are also uploaded.



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Protest Thomas I in police vehicle