Inauguration of Parumala ICCC

This video shows part of my participation at the Parumala St. Gregorios International Cancer Care Centre Inauguration on November 23, 2016. HH. Baselius Marthoma Paulose II Catholicos and HH Patriarch Abune Mathias of Ethiopian Orthodox Church were leading the service. Along with other Metropolitans, I also consecrated part of the building. I must say, when it was a sick unit, a commission which was constituted by the Holy Episcopal Synod with H.G. Thomas Mar Athanasius of Chengannoor and me conducted an inquiry and several measures were suggested and HH implemented them to save the project and bring it to it’s completion.

Spirituality for the Youth: My Article in Georgian Mirror


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My Comment on Currency Withdrawal Issue

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My comment on recent withdrawal of 500 and 1000 Rupee notes by the government of India without any home work which caused a lot of inconvenience and suffering to the general public. On the other hand corporates and rich people got the news leaked out well ahead and had enough time to take care of counterfeit notes and black money. This comment appeared in Dasabhimani daily November 18.

Recapturing the Vision and Mission of Jesus

Recapturing the Vision and Mission of Jesus


This video has the text and audio with few pictures of my presentation at CSI Kerala Region Meet during the Church of South India Synodal Youth Meet held at Thiruvalla, Tholassery St. Thomas CSI Church on October 10, 2016.

House Building Assistance by SGOPG

Onachan Receiving House Construction Aid.jpg

Mr. Onachan Nerippilavinkal, member of St. George Orthodox Syrian Church, Maramcodu in Thrissur Diocese receiving a cheque for an amount of one Lakh Rupee granted by St. Gregorios Orthodox Prayer Group of Thrissur Diocese as house construction aid at a function organized yesterday (Oct. 30, 2016) by the diocese to discuss about the Sunday School programmes for the coming year with all the priests and Sunday school committee and headmasters and headmistresses. Onachan himself is a Sunday School teacher and has been Managing Committee member several times at his parish and also was a member of the Grama Panchayat during the previous term. The Metropolitan gave two Lakh in connection with his Episcopal Silver Jubilee for the project. The Grama Panchayat also helped. Irrespective of his financial backwardness, Onachan serves the Church and society with dedication and sincerity. He is an active member of the Indian National Congress Party.

My OVBS Message to StDOC


This Video Message was sent to one of my congregations (the St. Dionysius Orthodox Congregation) in the Desert Land for the valedictory function of their OVBS held on October 28th 2016

Mr. Raju Kalliath Memorial Student Scholarships

The diocese gave away two student scholarships in memory of Mr. Raju Kalliath in a function organized for the Catholicate Day Collection of Thrissur diocese today (Oct. 5, 2016). You may not know Mr. Raju. He was the trustee for a long time at St. Mary’s Church Elanadu in Thrissur Diocese. Raju along with most of the members of the erstwhile Patriarch group of Elanadu Church accepted the Supreme Court order in Church case and worked with me for the unity of Elanadu Church. Few people who got angry on it brutally attacked Raju and was hospitalized. The treatment did not do much help and died after few months. He was supporting his family with his wife and two children from the income he got from farming. After Raju’s death the family was planning to sell of the house and go away. But the diocese intervened and provided monthly allowance until his son, who has a master’s degree in ecological studies, got a job. His daughter got married and his son got a job in forest department and now supports the family. Still we thought his name and the support he gave to the cause of unity of the Church should not be forgotten. So we established a scholarship of ten thousand Rupee annually to the best but financially backward student of the diocese for both years of his/ her higher secondary education. This project is managed by Elanadu Church, but financed by the diocese. Raju’s sacrifice did not go without merit. The cases related to Elanadu Church got settled through court orders and now it is one of the best Churches of the diocese. Only a handful of people from the erstwhile patriarch party left the Church to join the Jacobite group. These two pictures are taken at the time of the giving away of the scholarships.

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