A Call for Peace and Unity


This is my Sermon delivered during the Holy Qurbana at the feast of St. Peter’s and St. Paul’s Orthodox Chapel, Chalissery. The main Church was taken over by force by a handful of people throwing out the vicar during the H. Qurbana. But peace loving and spiritually motivated people came out and we established a chapel for them to worship. St. Mary’s Orthodox Cathedral, Bahrain helped us to purchase the facility.

MPM School Chungathara

My first visit to Mar Philexinos Memorial High School and Higher Secondary School, Chungathara. I laid the foundation stone of the new block and attended the PTA meeting where it felicitated two former students and one present student for their achievements in life. One teacher who won the Best Teacher award. one who got president’s best police officer award and a 12th grade student who won Kerara State Award for best student farmer



St. Ephraim Seminary, Damas

BBC documentary on St. Ephraim Syriac Orthodox Seminary, Marat Seydnaya (20 km away from Damascus). A This is where I spent 8 months as a Syriac language student and as an English language teacher in 1985



Symbol of Mercy

About my article in the book edited by Mr. Benoy Kuttumukku


I am Watched Always!

This is what happens when I carry a gadget with net connection. No one can hide, but always watched, scary?

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