My Comments on Kothamangalam Church Issue Dec 20, 2018

There is specific and definite order from the courts regarding parishes in Malankara Church. But a group of people instigated by few leaders for their vested interest and to keep their power in some Churches are trying to prevent these orders from being implemented. Unfortunately Police and political administration is supporting these anti-social elements. This creates unrest and law and order situation in the society. The media is discussing the matter and I participated in the discussion conducted by Manorama TV Channel on Dec. 20th 2018. This was regarding the implementation of the court order regarding Marthoman Cheriya Pally, Kothamangalam in Angamali diocese of Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church.

My Comment on Vanitha Mathil

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My Christmas Message 2018

I gave the Christmas Message on 23rd December 2018 at the Carol Service at All Saints C S I Church, Thrissur. As always attending Christmas service in a Protestant Church, who knows how to conduct a choir, is really a wonderful experience. I will never miss a chance to attend one, specially when I am invited.This too was a great experience

My Christmas Greetings

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My Article on Recent Flood in Kerala

Article on Flood





On Priavom Church Case

There was a court order from the Hon. Supreme Court of India regarding the way it has to be administered by. But a group of people are not ready to honor the order. The Government and the police are playing politics to help these anti court order people. A discussion on the matter was conducted by Manorama TV Channel and I participated in it.