Inauguration of Parumala ICCC

This video shows part of my participation at the Parumala St. Gregorios International Cancer Care Centre Inauguration on November 23, 2016. HH. Baselius Marthoma Paulose II Catholicos and HH Patriarch Abune Mathias of Ethiopian Orthodox Church were leading the service. Along with other Metropolitans, I also consecrated part of the building. I must say, when it was a sick unit, a commission which was constituted by the Holy Episcopal Synod with H.G. Thomas Mar Athanasius of Chengannoor and me conducted an inquiry and several measures were suggested and HH implemented them to save the project and bring it to it’s completion.

Spirituality for the Youth: My Article in Georgian Mirror


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My Comment on Currency Withdrawal Issue

On Currency Issue.jpg

My comment on recent withdrawal of 500 and 1000 Rupee notes by the government of India without any home work which caused a lot of inconvenience and suffering to the general public. On the other hand corporates and rich people got the news leaked out well ahead and had enough time to take care of counterfeit notes and black money. This comment appeared in Dasabhimani daily November 18.